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Writing update:

Teal'c Ficathon
Requirements: write to prompt, deadline May 1 (Friday), 500 word minimum.
Should be: drafted, edited and posted this week.
Is: 1,400 words drafted, requiring *significant* editing to not be incredibly annoying.
My love for this story: lukewarm, but at least I'm not going to default. My low expectations, let me show you them.
Short term: rewrite the thing in present, tight third person POV. Enough with the lovely cryptic structure, is not working.

Stargate Summer
Requirements: novel length, any story
Should be: drafted by mid-May. (OMG OMG OMG, no, I won't make that.)
Is: chapter one is drafted at about 4,000 words, which is under the 10,000 word estimate for a novel length with 5 or so chapters. It'll probably gain a lot in editing, but maybe the story's a novellA? Chapter two has some good bits. The rest are in short outline.
My love for this story: strong, with a side of dread. My high expectations, let me show you how they are frelling with my ability to get this done on time (and yet, it wouldn't progress at all if I hadn't signed up for stargate_summer)
Short term: type up the hand written bits for chapter one, tighten up a bit and post to draft filter for encouragement and hand holding.
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Yeah, so I'm writing a long story (they one where they're all like ronin!), having set myself a deadline working with [livejournal.com profile] stargate_summer, who may hook me up with an artist too, so I'll have a *cover* for my story and ev'ythang and I'm really excited.

The word count is only at a couple of thousand words (out of fifty thousand dear Gods help me,) but I'm doing a lot of the legwork outlining and plotting the thing. It feels like a lot is getting done.

Here's the thing, though, they also have sign-ups for cheerleaders (positive feedback and encouragement), beta editors (all variations of comma-checking to medieval-levels-of-cruelty), artists and I think even music mix people may be able to sign up.

And we'll have long, luscious Stargate novels posted one-a-week through the summer.

Only, the beta lists are a little short right now. Some of us have betas we already work with (and love to hate), but there are other folk looking for assigned betas to help them through the fairly massive undertaking. If you enjoy long Stargate stories but aren't up for writing one or writing to deadline, consider signing up to beta? Those of us who feel a bit in over our heads will rest a little easier knowing you're there.

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Having just fallen into the blackhole of wikipedia (as one does,) I am now convinced that my entire Sunday might best be filled with watching jidaigeki films. Kurasawa, here I come! I wonder if there's a video store here that would have a decent selection? I'm thinking the comic/anime shop might be my best bet, if I were into *buying* copies of Seven Samurai and The Magnificent Seven (research can be expensive, yo. I thought science was bad!)

That's right, this potentially giant story I'm writing might best, at this point, be characterized as 'the one where they're all ronin."

Note: ronIN, not RonON; though the latter would be interesting (and cracked), it is not this story.

Do you think they'd kick me out of [livejournal.com profile] stargate_summer if I turned in something less than 50,000 words? I've never written a story that long before, and this could be that long, but what if it isn't, you know? But now I'm really in love with the idea of being assigned to an artist partner who can make Teal'c look all samurai-without-a-master. (TWO SWORDS, TEAL'C! Tell me that's not uber-cool, man. There's a reason you like Star Wars so much, admit it.)

Also, O'Neill is totally a ninja in this story, but he does not find that *nearly* as entertaining as Sam secretly thinks he should. Daniel will tell Jack about the Magnificent Seven, though, then he'll be okay.

Daniel is pretty sure that he doesn't have a role in the band of ninjas, and this makes him sad. He is, of course, desperately mistaken, but isn't he always?

Okay, gotta go winetasting. BYE, GUYS.

ETA: for clarity, I'm not going to reset this story, it's in the familiar Stargate 'verse. I am, however, going to borrow mightily from the masters here, as clearly they are all ninjas (okay, ronin, but ninjas sounds better) and they never told me before. Then again, they weren't all ronin until I set the 10 minute AU into play. So there you go.
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Because [livejournal.com profile] kellifer_fic told me to:

Sometimes it's ok to pimp yourself out. Post a list of your top five fic-favorites you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. This isn't about the BEST things you've written, but what you LOVE most. Then admonish your readership to do the same so you can find new stories to read and pimp.

(Okay, I adapted that last bit, but I *love* it when you guys pimp me your stuff. Sometimes you've written so much I've just forgotten gems, sometimes you posted and I missed it for some reason, sometimes you're new to the writing thing, sometimes you write for a fandom I read less religiously... pimp me your stuff anyway! For serious!)

My top five favorites right now:

Penumbra. Possibly a reaction to developing horrendous migraines in my late 20s, possibly related to reading [livejournal.com profile] synecdochic's Eurydice series (where they're all as messed up as they ought, by all rights, to be), or possibly related to getting that prompt from her... but this dark, sexy little offworld story crept into my mind and has never really left.

Footsoldiers on Uneven Ground. My friend A, in one of our many discussions of Muslim culture and feminism and Western snootiness (all of which she claims with glee), once quoted an article that said 'We don't need your feminism." That's always stayed with me, that there was more than one way to be strong. This story was partly inspired by the idea of writing Teal'c's mother, ignored by TPTB until the tenth year of telling stories, as a woman embodying dangerous, hidden strength. Not cowed, not lying, but willfully underestimated, and using the underestimation. Also I love that the title for this story never changed.

This is related in concept to: Without Fear of Wind or Vertigo. A Teal'c and Vala story. It should be clear from my writing that I firmly believe Teal'c comes from Strong Women, and Vala, in her way, allows herself to be underestimated in the same way Teal'c's mother did (in my fanon) and Jack does (which never once causes Teal'c to raise an eyebrow.) Vala, this story taught me, is AMAZING. I'm not kidding when I say that, oh, maybe twelve of you have read it, but it is one of my very, very favorite experiences.

Desert Made of Glass. I like this one because it's weird. It's difficult to present something unique in a major pairing in a fandom with so many years of canon and fanfiction. But this is something that didn't exist before, and it's such a fascinating reason to think about safety, and how people can embody that for us even when they are fighting on the front lines and not actually, you know, *safe.*

Into the Breach. This was not only my first proper Teal'c story, but one of my first stories full-stop. I have a vague memory of the prompt of cold hands, and thinking 'you know what would be *cool*..." and having no idea if anyone would read the story ever. Because it was Teal'c, and I hung out with Jack/Daniel OTPers (fiercely *wonderful* OTPers who read my Teal'c story anyway, bless their slashy little hearts) Then the story was one of the ways I met [livejournal.com profile] rydra_wong, and it was recced (first time I'd had that experience, I think) and remixed and it still surprises me. A story with no dialog, just one thousand words, and I did something accidentally that I sometimes can't recreate even willfully. And it set me on a path thinking about a character who has been nothing but a gift (no matter how I complain about the story I'm writing now.)

Just in case it's not clear, oh my goodness would I love to talk about these stories with anyone who fancies a comment-chat. I would love feedback, I'd love a fly-by squee, whatever. I really, though, I also want to hear about your stories. I *will* read and comment on at least one, if you point me to the post.

I really need to sort out that CSS coding thing so I can get my webspace up and running too. Ah, well.
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Tentative title: Neap Tide

Story: [livejournal.com profile] apocalypse_kree team fic
Story due: in 6 days, I'm aiming for a crappy first draft at that point. Maybe.
Premise: 10 minute AU in Children of the Gods
Word count: 1700-ish
End: I HAVE NO IDEA (still)
Actual point where it goes AU: Right. Now.
Most interesting relationship so far: Teal'c and Sha're
Number of teammates who have been recognized in the story and named: 1 named, two noticed enough to comment on, but so far, unnamed.
Most interesting recent writing in the random bits that are coming to me: the last sentence/passage (not included in word count.) Although, Teal'c, hon, we aren't there yet, baby. (Teal'c is currently accepting hugs)
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Story: apocalypse_kree team fic
Premise: 10 minute AU in Children of the Gods
Word count: 1400-ish
Actual point where it goes AU: Not yet
Number of times I've watched the pilot as research: 0.2 times (it knocks me out of my POV character's head)
Number of teammates who have been recognized in the story and named: 1 (that's right! Go team!)
Pages of handwritten scenes in notebooks: 6
Pages that have been transcribed and incorporated into the story: 0
Ideas I have of vaguely what the next scene will encompass: 0.5 +/- 1.5

This is such a weird writing experience so far.
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A few days ago I posted a meme loosely paraphrased as the "name something you'd like to hear about, and I'll write a post about it," meme, but bracketed it with discussions of short stories and most people started chatting to me about stories (not complaining! great recs!)

Except Pixie, who had so many questions it'll take multiple posts, I should imagine. (Actually, I'm still open to questions, though my week just got a lot busier, oy.)

So, first up, the fandom post:

The fandom question(s) was (were):

How you write and conceive of stories (...) ? )

Do you have lots of WIPs? (not really, but here are ones that I do have:) )

Do you think you'll ever move on from writing gateverse and write in a new show? )
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It's not like I hadn't read or known about NCIS before... )

So Rebecca? [livejournal.com profile] blueraccoon? Shout out to you. Her Geometry series is what caught me; they are a series of stand alone fics, and the one I read and LOVED was trajectory, in which Tony gets curious about a slightly kinkier lifestyle, Abby is all for it and along for the ride and moral support, and a few former suspects on a closed case are the trustworthy guides and exemplary members, and the OMC taking Tony on his first steps into the idea of submission is funny, kind, respectful, responsive, sexy and passionate. I'd be totally jealous of Tony if I didn't want to be Abby so badly.


(that was a fandom POV switch, btw)

SGA fic from mmmchelle for thegrrl2002's birthday. Happy Birthday! It is very appropriate for you to be given such fine fine smut in celebration, and I'm still in awe of how wonderfully tantric the build up of tension is in this fic. Rodney just stimulates John in all the right ways at the same time he's making him feel safe from the hoards of people wanting to celebrate his birthday. Fantastic stuff! Not just any smut, let me tell you; it's staying with me. Invisible by Day, by [livejournal.com profile] mmmchelle.


in SG-1 news, I've no new fics to recommend, sadly (haven't had a lot of time to trawl through archives to rec older stuff either), except my own, which you can't have yet. *is sad* Actually, I think I've finished my remix fic, only tweaking the last bits and getting the wording smoothed (Wot? I know what I meant, but fortunately, my lovely beta RW won't let me get away with that-- to your benefit.)

Writing meta and example of why I need betas. )


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