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Yes, hi. Hello.

This started out a fandom journal. Here there were all fandom, all the time (except when I deliberately break this rule, of course.) I break that rule more often than not these days.

I do still read, write and recommend fanfiction on this journal. I specialize in multi-shipping, and at this point fairly multi-fannish fiction reading (you'll find Merlin, Sherlock, Being Human, Firefly, Pushing Daisies, Supernatural, Dr. Who, Farscape, the Stargates, and whatever else strikes my fancy). I write anything from general audiences (gen) fiction to explicit slash (same sex), het (opposite sex) and poly (more than two partners). Things get spicy here, make no mistake, but I'm a fairly organized writer and pimp and I will tell you everything I think you'll want to know before you decide what to read.

Links to the masterlists of recommendations will go here as I update and import them to DW. The masterlist of my stories is here. I am also archiving my stories at faviconminxy on AO3 (Archive of Our Own). I have ten stories up so far, including some commentfic and one-offs that aren't listed here. It's been a nice trip down memory lane--I forgot I wrote so many stories. You may find and read them whereever you prefer, these links go to LiveJournal and DreamWidth posts.

These are the masterlists on Dreamwidth, all recs maybe found under the Fanfic Recs tag, if there's no masterlist here.

Stargate SG-1:
Seasons 1-5

Other fandoms:
Sherlock (BBC and ACD)
Welcome to Night Vale

Meanwhile, please see my livejournal recs here.

DW and LJ policy: As of Thursday, April 23, 2009 at 3 PM, I'll be crossposting from Dreamwidth primarily. Nothing will change at livejournal, and I won't import the journal itself, rather I'll be reposting here with updates as applicable. Comments will remain enabled on both journals.

Reading and access policy: I have no idea how I'll manage this with two journals and rl handles as well. Please rest assured that everyone and their mother (provided the mother enjoys fanfiction) is welcome to watch this journal, and all fanfiction and recs will be posted publicly. No offense is meant in any way with the reading lists, and it's distinctly possible I'm already reading you on LJ, so please don't worry if something goes unexpectedly with the access and subscriptions bit.

Note to self: update the links to Kres' fanfiction ( and the I Saw 3 Ships holiday threesome gift exchange (

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