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For [profile] astrogirl2, who was new to SG-1 fandom in 2007, and posting about every new ep as she saw them. She'd just finished season 1, with it's highlights and it's lowlights, and had been informed that it's not just the (sometimes underwhelming) canon in this 'verse, it's the (sometimes overwhelming amounts of quality) fanfiction. Yes.

So here it is, all specifically season 1:

Gen fic, Season 1: )

Not specifically S1, but not spoilery for anything past it. )

Pairings (there aren't many fic here, since it's only S1, and that's really a getting to know you period): )

From keiko kirin: A gen story that has an early season feel to it Deja Vu, and Hunger

Mental note to readership: Greensilver = Trelkez; Surrealphantast = Surrealis;
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Updated 6/19/09

If you were wondering, my handle comes originally from a group of fen on the Stargate boards. They introduced me to slash through Dr. Jackson's Diary by Anise, and named me after Janet, repeatedly called a minx in that story. (Part two was that the handle was taken on Livejournal, so I had to become an adjective. Fortunately, on Dreamwidth, there are no unnecessary underscores any longer.)

Stories featuring my namesake, then (or rather, I'm her namesake):

I am thrilled to further recommend a wonderful Janet story, S7, pre-Heroes (or absent Heroes, perhaps), in which Janet ends up out in the field with SG-1, surprised by the power dynamics and capabilities of people she's used to mending. It's truly wonderful. Adrenaline from BetaCandy.

This is sex as truth, as only [personal profile] paian can make it (well, other people can too, obvs, but Komos has a gift, I feel.) Visibilium Omnium et Invisibilium is Janet/Jack, really honest and good people who take great comfort in one another dealing with the need for greater intimacy after loss. When each has failed at intimacy before, and the risk of failure is great. Janet and Jack established relationship of sorts, post-Meridian (season five). NSFW.

And nearly Janet! Well, it's Cassie. And season 8 or 9, which means that [profile] annerbhp introduces Cassie to Vala. It's wonderful. Surrogate, which is Cass growing up a little, but still just as snarky as any kid exposed to Jack ought to be. A really nice unexpected friendship.

Early seasons Janet and Sam friendship: Three Meetings by [personal profile] kejsarinna. Gen, worksafe.

Janet in the This is Not Wartime series! From [personal profile] cofax7! I'm so excited. Stands alone, apocafic: Live So Long, gen, link to part 1.

Betacandy, at [personal profile] betacandy_sgfic has posted a brilliant Janet's introduction to the team fic, S1, just post Emancipation. Assess This, PG, gen. Fabulous voice, amazing instant relationships as well as those that take a little longer to settle in, really good observation skills from Janet and I love the sense that this is not the only thing she's done today, not the wierdest, and possibly not the most important, but goodness, it left an impression.

[personal profile] teand wrote a great five things for Janet, in which she remains professional and spunky, and says hilarious things in a marvelous internal dialog Janet voice. Five Things Janet Fraiser Didn't Put in her Medical Reports, for [profile] ducks_in_a_row.

What it is to be a woman in this man's military, on a bad day: [personal profile] teand's Infirmary, After Sam and Janet, post rape-trauma, emotions flying everywhere and walking the line between doctor and friend.

Cleanliness Is Next to Godliness by kaz. Meridian missing scene between Janet and Daniel. Between those moments when Sam says 'he could still be radioactive!' and Daniel tells Jack how his body will fail, Janet is with him in those between times, and her heartbreak and professionalism is very realistic to me. This could squick you out if you are squeemish about cleaning mouths and noses and harsh cleaning solvents, but from my POV it's not too graphic. S5, first person POV.

Every Art and Artifice by the stylus Beautiful and heartbreaking backstory for Janet, nicely explores the irony of healer/soldier, and is a brilliant character study.

Quarantine by Joag. Very talented writer here taking on Daniel's POV as he and the rest of the team get sick off world and simultaneously take care of each other with limited means. The end particularly spoke to me because I've had declarations of love and marriage from recovering patients, and it never gets old. Plus, I have this thing about character voices, and Daniel's is very well done here. Short, gen, lovely.

And, because I haven't pointedly recc'd this before on LJ but have shouted to the rooftops how much I love in other venues, I rec now: Dinner With Janet by sideburns. = [personal profile] alyburns on LJ J/D, Janet's POV, Late Season 7, pretty marvelously wonderful. And I LOVE Janet. Note the caps, so a fic set after Heroes that works with canon and still earns my LOVE (and detailed gushy f/b)? Uh huh. LOVE, people.

And, while we're on Janet, Rocketchick's Before Knowing Remembers is also wonderous. It's the rare femslash rec, but worth it, really worth it, for extraordinary use of canon, continuity, Cassandra, AUs.... bloody marvelously crafted story. You might also check out her Janet vid Where Do I Begin?, which is unspeakably well done with fantastic music.
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reccer's note: I'm doing my best to clean up these lists as I repost them to Dreamwidth, including updating them with all recent recs. I would greatly, greatly appreciate help finding broken links and repairing them. Thanks in advance.

Just in case there are a few fen out there who haven't realized it yet, I have become a massive fan of Teal'c over the course of my Stargate fannish life. He wasn't my in to Stargate, but by Jove, he's the reason I've stuck around.

I have meta on Teal'c that goes on at some length as to his wonderfulness; you can find it (recs and more meta) through these links:

Teal'c meta introduction (canon, voice, team role)

IBARW post on Teal'c's awesomeness (The finale and Teal'c's arc throughout the seasons accepting his past and the Gods)

The Teal'c translation post (The four 'describe how Teal'c would...'s as well as a compare and contrast with the rest of SG-1, original flavor. Dialog heavy.)

My Teal'c stories are here:

Without Fear of Wind or Vertigo (Teal'c and Vala friendship, set during S10's Unending),

The God of Poets Has Two Hands (Bra'tac, Teal'c, S9 or 10),

Run (Teal'c and Daniel, S8, a reel_sg1 story),

Five Things Teal'c Learned in Fifty Years (Teal'c, Teal'c/Sam/Cameron, S10, spoilers for Unending),

Footsoldiers on Uneven Ground (Bra'tac, with Teal'c's backstory),

Stadium Seating (Teal'c/Cameron, but non-explicit--I referred to this as the courting fic as I was writing it, S9),

Perchance to Dream (Teal'c and Sam, S6),

The Eye Is Not Satisfied With Seeing (Cameron/Teal'c, not worksafe, S9),

Campfirelight, Campfire Stories (Cam, but with Teal'c and Sam and Daniel, S9),

and Into the Breach (Teal'c, S7ish, which was my first Teal'c story).

Read more... )

Further reading:

[personal profile] rydra_wong is maintaining an excellent list of Teal'c/Cameron stories, friendship and pre-slash and slash stories represented.

So we're here on Dreamwidth, which is run by a majority female brain trust, and the only other thing like it that I know of is the Archive of Our Own. So perhaps I shall now mention that Fanlore is open in beta, allowing editing and updating. I had been watching with some mild interest as these things developed, but hadn't really been over to see what was up (after seeing the wreck of the original Stargate page, I mean really! Thanks to [personal profile] stultiloquentia for sorting out that nonsense and writing a sensible description.) So I went by on a pointer, and realized something that got me involved like nothing before had: there was nothing on the Teal'c character page. NOTHING. I, er, might have spent a fair amount of time writing Teal'c backstory into his description as a result, but I burned out before I got to the fic links. I'm not sure whether people *want* to be linked, you know? But if someone wanted to finish the page, including this notion of references (really? What would you reference?) I would be really chuffed. And you can totally link to my meta or fic or whathaveyou, if you choose.


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