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Shunda was asking, the other day, about techniques for getting back into the fannish swing. As I was talking about recs lists and Arc of Truth posts and things, she asked how the Farscape viewing was going and I though, "Ye gads! It's been aaaaaages!"

I didn't even remember where I'd left off (turns out, right after Kansas of all episodes.) Reading back over the reactions and the comments, though, it's clear why: it was right before the family emergency started snowballing. It would have taken something that extreme to drag me away.

Anyway, I give you

Farscape, season 4. Terra Firma )

Twice Shy. )
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Farscape marathon part 2, thanks to Shunda

Unrealized reality ) Uh oh. That can’t be good.

Kansas.  )

Oh well, I have the next disc!
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This season 4 marathon (first watching) was made possible by the beautiful Shunda.

Top of the stack of discs: Collection 2/ disc 2 (seriously, what the hell? Who came up with this collection nonsense and WHAT were they smoking?)

A Prefect Murder.

Close-up on the Radiant Aeryn Sun! FTW! )

Coup By Clam.

Is this a crossdressing episode? )
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We are watching Farscape, season 4, for the first time (for those of you just joining us.)

Today’s stream-of-consciousness commentary is brought to you by the episode 4.04, Lava is a Many Splendored Thing. )

Next ep!

(hey, there are bloopers on this reel, that should be good…)

4.05 Promises. )

bloopers = hilarious, as expected.
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I really think the fact that I made it through almost all of the day without pain in my head trumps everything else. )

I think the only solution is to stare at Ben Browder. My housemate brought me oodles of fannishness from China when she got home last week, so I checked out the Farscape VCDs she brought. There is no English on the box besides FARSCAPE and Ben's name, so I was kind of surprised to find the first season inside! Yay first season! I rewatched the pilot and everyone looks so different.... D'aw...

Course, everyone was also sub- and supertitled in Chinese, which was wacky (and not something I could turn off on my computer) and there was no higher menu than simply playing the episodes. I'm pretty sure these are effectively tapes off of the T.V. or something.

[L also brought me Seasons 1-9 of Stargate (though the internet fairy had already supplied me with most of these. *smootches Taselby*) and the blurbs on the back are HILARIOUSLY BAD.

"Narrated a group the international exploration troop which is composedby the scientist and the serviceman, discovers one kind of interspacegate in the Pegasus Milky Way galaxy System, when they passed through this "the gate", discoveredfrom has had to face the might formidable new outside starheterogeneous type** the risk Experience"

All grammer, punctuation and lack thereof maintained! STARHETEROGENEOUS TYPE!!! *ahem* I'm going to properly watch all episodes from Supernatural's first two seasons here soon too.]

Okay, so anyway, I was up to Farscape season 4, eps 2-3, What Was Lost, Part I: Sacrifice and Part II: Resurrection.

Part I: Sacrifice )

Part II: Resurrection )

I love this show. How much canon sexing was going on in those two episodes? And the subtext was everywhere too. Awesome. I think this might be the first episode I watched that I came out of thinking 'oh, bring on the fanfic.'

Yay show! Yay!
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Farscape. Season 4. Episode 1: Crighton Kicks )

How long did you guys have to wait for that again?
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This particular incarnation of play-by-play reactions to Farscape might be reeeeeeally annoying to read. I had [livejournal.com profile] synecdochic on the IM when I announced that Farcape or Naps were winning in the 'I am sick, what shall I do?' poll, and invited her to watch with me. So all the reactions are two-fold, and the conversation actually starts with [livejournal.com profile] rydra_wong too, who claimed she had enough pain and angst with her WIP of Doom, thanks much, and preferred to read a book. But she came to taunt me a little first, and say hi. Nice of her, though now I need a hug, obviously. *makes grabby hands of need*

I hope it's readable, though, because it was so much fun to watch this episode with company, even if my wireless connection is somewhat unpredictable. But this is how it went, typos and all:

_minxy_: Should I be worried that this episode is going to break my heart into little bitty pieces?
Synecdochic: ...duh.
rydra_wong: *refrains from spoilage*
Synecdochic: this is *farscape*. :)
_minxy_: I am in a very fragile sick condition!
rydra_wong: Although ... this *is* Farscape.
_minxy_: Oh, right.
Silly question.
rydra_wong: GMTA.
Synecdochic: I will say that there are some of the most gorgeous visuals in the entire series ahead ...
_minxy_: *g*
rydra_wong: Yes!
_minxy_: Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh.........
rydra_wong: It is a great episode.
Synecdochic: Yes.
The end of season 3 is one of the most perfect bits of TV ever.
Like, from mid-S3 on, in fact.
_minxy_: Are these the last two eps, or are there more?
Synecdochic: Last two of the season.
_minxy_: Uh oh. Usually they kill me.
Synecdochic: :)
_minxy_: And it will be *days* before I can get my hands on the next eps.
Oh well!
Cheerfully into the fray!
rydra_wong: (And oh, minxy, once you have seen this, you will be able to read my choc_fic fic! When it gets posted.)
_minxy_: REALLY? Excellent!
Synecdochic: Ready to start?
rydra_wong: Anyhoo.
Have fun!
Yes, ready!
rydra_wong: *waves*
_minxy_: Bye!
rydra_wong left the chat.
_minxy_: Okey dokey... just getting through the anime commercial...
Synecdochic: *giggle*
_minxy_: AND, the menu!
Synecdochic: okay!
_minxy_: Pretty Moya.
Synecdochic: 2...
_minxy_: GO!
season 3, episode 21: Into the Lion's Den Part 2: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing )
Synecdochic: *makes big flaily gestures*
_minxy_: i want a group hug.
Synecdochic: God. Yes.
_minxy_: *mashes all characters together *
Synecdochic: Shall we keep going?
_minxy_: YES OMG
Synecdochic: I want to see you flailing about DWTB *G*
(which is my favorite episode)
_minxy_: Do I need a break first?
Synecdochic: Take a deep breath and just plunge right in.
Synecdochic: because. just.
_minxy_: short water break and diving in.
Synecdochic: *nodnod*
season 3, episode 22: Dog With Two Bones )
holy crap.
this show is going to kill me
*curls up under blankets for a few days*

Then I went and watched [livejournal.com profile] synecdochic's Consequences video like three times in succession and told her how beautiful it is. Yes.
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Farscape 3.17 The Choice.

This is going to have to be all about Aeryn. )

Rip my bloody heart out. Go on, don't mind me.
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Farscape 3.14 and 3.15 Infinite Possibilities.



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Farscape 3.12 Meltdown. )

That was the only way that episode could end, thankyouverymuch.

3.13 Scratch and Sniff

I think they got a deal on the brass jazz players from last episode. )

And thus we end on a deep insight: Ben Browder has a very fine rear end that looks just *smashing* in leather pants, kaythanxsbye.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: alert reader [livejournal.com profile] mesascaper is sharing multiple, lovely screencaps of John Crighton's Well Lit, Leather-clad Booty. I am blessed, yes I am. Bootiliciousness. *appreciates the lighting people on Farscape* *APPRECIATES MESASCAPER REALLY A LOT*
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Farscape: 3.10 Relativity. )

But, then they end with one of those long, minimal dialog scenes between John and Aeryn and that might be what I love best about Farscape, the lack of need for dialog during moments like this.

And now for something completely different:

Post a list of your top five favorite stories you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. This isn't about the BEST things you've written, but what you LOVE most.

I'm really enjoying reading other people's writerly pride, so I tagged myself. Please feel free to do the same. I just updated my list o'fic if you're interested. It's here. All of these stories are SG-1.

1) Loved for its uniqueness. )

2) Loved for the darkness. )

3) Loved for the characters and pairing. )

4) Loved for the timing (cononically and RL-ly) )

5) Loved for the voice. )
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Okay, so we’re watching us some Farscape, not least because [livejournal.com profile] synecdochic is also watching FS for the first time and all a-squee about it.

But I'm in early Season 3 and on my DVD here there’s a little interview with Anthony Simcoe in the extras. I’ve just got to say that the man is a spaz. Holy crap. Makes you want to give him some weed or something so he’ll mellow out.

3.05 is Different Destination. )

*speechless with awe* You can't do that on television.

3.06 is Eat Me. )


I’m assuming the rest of the issues will be addressed in future episodes. I’d bet money. Or fic, or something.
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3.03 Self-Inflected Wounds Part 1. Could’a, Would’a, Should’a )

3.04 Self-Inflected Wounds Part 2. Wait for the Wheel )

And ... what's this? Claudia Black is doing a solo commentary for Wait for the Wheel? I think that's my evening. I love this Aeryn icon, but now I think I need some S4 eps, with the battle pony and stuff.
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1. I am having a lot of dreams and wierd premonitions about getting into car accidents. Mostly this seems to be me getting rearended, narrowly avoiding hurting any other cars but somehow still crashing my car into a tree or a pole or something.

God, I hope that's not Freudian. Anyway, my deepest concerns at those moments is that people will be so upset! Yes! I have no worries for my own personal safety, but think how my Dad would feel!

This is probably symbolic of some deep seated, first-born, overachiever complex. I need to relax. After this next thing, though.

2. Raqs may have just won the award for minxiest Minxy Sue fic. I actually, I sorta want to be that woman in a ball gown, at least for the space of the scene. *goes into spy mode* Nikita/Minxy Sue Spyvixen fic. LOL. I have such sex appeal, man! There's dancing in this one, too. *cue Mission Impossible music*

3. Farscape. So we’re watching the first episode of S3.

Season of Death. 3.01 )

Suns and Lovers. 3.02 )
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Liars, Guns and Money.

Part I. )

Part II. )

BA-dum bum. Part III. )
Is that the end of the third one? WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!?!?!?!

*bites first finger in worry*

*debates queueing up Die Me, Dichotomy Right Now*

*has no self-control*

*is totally going to regret watching a season ender without the next disc standing by*

*it’s probably a cliff-hanger too*

*curls up amidst ‘Scaper pals lest consoling is required*

*but it'll be alright, right? RIGHT SCAPER PALS?*

Die Me, Dichotomy (2.22) )

*gets DVDs into Netflix envelopes with lightning speed*

*reorders Netflix queue*

*is prepared to camp out by the mailbox until the next episodes arrive*

*lip wibbles*

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Hullo, LJ has been trying to hide my posts from my flist (related to my upcoming birthday? I hope not,) so if you're here for recs, do consider scrolling down and checking whether you saw the last post. You'd probably remember, it has flailing lions and evil penguins. [/public service announcement]

A Clockwork Nebari (2.18) )

And, in conclusion, don't trust Aeryn when she smiles for no reason. Thank you. 'Twas a very cool Chiana ep, and Pilot was awesome. Hope they follow up on that arc. That is all.

Next up is Liars, Guns and Money and then the season finale, yay! Then I can start saying 'please don't spoil me for S3 or 4' rather than shuffling my feet about not finishing S2 yet.
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I love Aeryn. The no nonsense ‘the human doesn’t want to talk *eye roll*’ line was marvelous.

Oh, and this is 2.14, Beware of Dog )

2.15 is Won’t Get Fooled Again. )

2.16 The Locket )
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Look at the Princess. )

*stretches* )

I know I had other thinky thoughts, but now I've had a visit, internetly speaking, I'm all caught up in thoughts about writing and plottiness and structures and I must write now. Right now. *is lame*
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Out of Their Minds. 2.10 )

This episode is going to kill me. OMG, they are totally heading off to someone’s bedroom. OOoooh, everyone go have SEX! That was the best episode EVER.

Okay, so I say that all the time about this show. Sue me. It’s graaaaaaand. I looooooove it. Plus, I got a great ab workout. Also? I love Aeryn. I really do.

My Three Crichtons: )

It's ironic that I'm less into fanfic at the moment than I usually am, but there has got to be some great stuff written for these two episodes. If y'all are interested in fanfic, though, please please please check the comments on entries tagged with 'farscape meta', because my flist has already recc'd me more than I can read, and that is so, so COOL!

I love this show. The end.


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