Dec. 2nd, 2008 12:22 pm
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I broke math yesterday.

Or, rather, I discovered a flaw in my second attempt at an experimental set-up, and jokingly blamed math for it.

Math jokingly retaliated by kicking my ass in a computer dice game approximately a billion times (oh, no, really, that was mathmatically probable. Not.)

I thought we were square, you know? Insults exchanged in a good-natured manner and on your way, right?

Except today my dipshit housemate announced his reappearance in the house by starting a screaming match with my favorite housemate over plumbing that burst just after Thanksgiving. It ended with her giving notice (she may take it back) and then warning me over text messages that I was going to get pounced with a painfully awkward conversation about happiness in the house that I am dreading.

Then the ocean smacked me around on my board a little bit this morning (just a little, I still love the ocean, even when it gets me cold and wet at 7 AM).

THEN, I got stuck at the DMV forever, had to run to the nearest 7-11 for cash when their machine went down. I think my boss noticed I was late, though he's not fussed about it and may not at all.

I was upset enough about the yelling that I didn't pack my lunch or bring my own coffee. I had no *coffee* during that hour at the DMV, and I certainly wasn't going to get 7-11 coffee. I shudder to think.

The salad I bought for lunch is painfully, painfully salty.

And I continue to be incapable of doing basic arithmetic in my head today.

I am writing this off as a WTF day and shutting myself in the lab down the hall (ALONE) to work with hopefully well-behaved enzymes. Maybe some music.

Then later I am going to pretend that I exist only in cyberspace. Your good wishes for success in this matter will be appreciated.

Also, send porn. As a matter of fact, if you give me commentfic, or otherwise entertain me later by asking questions or pouncing me with a meme or making up a story about us or whatever, I will respond in kind (maybe not in high *skill*, mind you, but a rec for a rec, and an imaginary story for an imaginary story,) later when I go virtual.

[Virtual cyberspace-only existence failure: had to have that conversation with the dipshit in which he went on, at length, about whatever. Yuck, that sucked. On the upside, and in a dramatic turn of events, actually admitted he and other housemate have broken up. The fact that he's still wishywashy on *when* he's moving out is troublesome, but there you are.]
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Our fire was completely usurped in the television coverage by two other fires to the South of us (fucking hell, California. Three urban fires within two days?) and let me tell you, no news freaked my family out no end.

But we're 80% contained as of an hour ago. They expect to have it fully contained (I'm assuming that means out, with a chance of smolders) by Wednesday. My friends were mostly allowed back in their houses yesterday and today, though they say it smells like the inside of a BBQ. Ed's cat broke out of their temporary quarters and went missing in a strange part of town, but he's hopeful they'll find him (the cat's name is Otis, incidently, good thoughts for his safe return would be appreciated.)

Some of the people I know who had homes in the worst of the blaze I haven't heard from yet. Or rather, I haven't heard whether their homes were saved.

My douchebag housemate has just arrived home full of righteous fury that the fire may have been started by people, shockingly. I don't know who else would have started it, honestly. It's not like we've been having a lot of lightening and thunderstorms.

Anyway, that's me. Ash in the air, smoke has largely cleared. I'm sure most of us will have forgotten all about this by the time the firefighters are done with their work and heading South to do it all over again. Unless they're one of the 200-some people who lost a home.
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Salieri has coined the term 'darkside' related to migraines--I think she gets incredibly depressed before she gets knocked out by pain. I'm on the recovery side of a migraine today, but I'm incredibly achey up and down my spine, I still have half-hearted throbs of pain on the side of my head, and epic levels of ambivalence about going to work.

So I'm not at work. Sadly, no one is progressing the multi-day experiment I left in the middle of in my absence. So I'll probably go in later. Not now.

I think I've gone darkside, as Sal so aptly put it. Send fic.

Randomly, what I have been doing on my drugged out day off (took a half day yesterday, half-day today. So far.) in bullet points:

* Apparently yesterday I started knitting a scarf. I normally have little interest in scarves, and I'm stunned, frankly that I managed a pattern at all, while sitting quietly in my cool, dark room with my brain turned down with drugs. I don't remember deciding to do this, actually. I'd been checking out the pattern for a while--it's a fairly popular one, here, but I'm using a green (with yellow and blue tone) silk yarn. I was going to link to it, but apparently that's too hard. It's my first knit with circular needles, though, and those are fun. Meanwhile my Dad's Christmas socks are about 25% done and I totally ignored those yesterday. Apparently. I mean, maybe I knit half a sock and ripped it out, how would I know? I don't usually have multiple projects going on at the same time, though.

* In a vague panic about my finances (again this month) I started talking to my parents about whether they could buy out my debt in a no interest loan. Apparently, what with that and my Nana's inheritance money, it might be doable.

* And then a flight sale meant I had to buy Christmas flights home before the prices skyrocketed again. It's just depressing.

* thefourthvine posted a recs list of comfort fic, and stated somewhere in there (my ability to link is broken, but she just posted this):

Also, this story proves that in the land far beyond the Broccoli Test, there is another, greater test, and it is this:

If one member of your pairing can forget who he is and go on the lam, and the other one can track him and predict where he'll be next, your pairing has passed the Chicago's Most Wanted Test. I can think of few pairings that could pass, frankly. I mean, of my OTPs - Blair Sandburg could absolutely do this for Jim Ellison, but not vice versa unless you allowed senses-related trickery, which is a rules violation. Rodney McKay and John Sheppard likely have a 50/50 chance, but if they get it wrong, someone ends up in prison or something blows up. And, oddly, I don't believe Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson could do it alone, but any three members of (original) SG1 could easily find the other. I just think it would take all of them.

My head went to a storytelling place until I realized that they have kind of done this in canon at least a few times; with Vala (who thought she was a fugitive and did disable a couple of dangerous people, though wasn't actually breaking laws) and with Teal'c, who didn't forget who he was so much as get really, really sick and run away from the US Government. That's not Jack and Daniel, obviously, which I would like to read, but I would have probably written it for Teal'c and Cameron anyway (though TFV is right--they'd need the team, if only to reign in Cameron who would probably be doing his 'excitable puppy' impression, crossed with the 'improputu failure to follow orders and instead go running after Teal'c' habit he has. I can completely hear Daniel trying to make the point that whether Teal'c wants to be found is absolutely key to whether they'll be able to find him.

Somebody write that. Or, you know, something like it? Please? I'm pathetic, over here.

(okay, I'm not. I am, however, blatantly begging you to entertain me, apparently.)

* I have a memory of talking to [ profile] synecdochic yesterday, which is weird because I'm pretty sure she's still traveling. I could check AIM logs.

[ETA: Totally did talk to her, when she was in an airport. And I was attempting to knit, apparently v. badly:
Minx: And, wanna see the pattern I've just whimsically decided to knit for myself despite being in the middle of Christmas knitting?
Synecdochic: Sure!
Synecdochic: Oooh, yes, I know the pattern!
Minx: purl front and back is a new and exciting skill I'm working on with this one.
Also, first time I'm using circular needles.
Shiny metallic green circs!
Synecdochic: Nice!
Minx: I'm quite pleased with my loopy self.
Minx: Also, I've confused myself with the pattern.
Synecdochic: Awww.
Minx: I suspect it's me, not the pattern.
Minx: How am I short one stitch/
Minx: ?
Synecdochic: It's under the couch.
Minx: fucker.
Minx: *goes to look*
Minx: The guy I went out with on Sunday commented the first time he noticed me swearing.
Minx: OOPS. I found it.
Synecdochic: whee!
Minx: *rips out scarf and starts over*
Synecdochic: *pets you*
Minx: Fuck, my head still hurts.
Synecdochic: *rubs your shoulders*

She was NICE to me, wasn't she? I don't remember any of this. And yet there was six inches of scarf knit this morning.]

* I am downloading the webisodes of Sanctuary and am curious to see how things changed. There could be some fabulous AU stories written about actor switching, I feel.

Okay, that's all I got. Please to talk to me, or commentfic. Share something random? You can make it up, I don't even mind.

ETA 2, ~1 PM: I have aura indicating a second migraine, so never mind about that whole 'I command you to entertain me' thing. Feel free to talk to each other, of course, but I'm out of commission for the next little while. Be excellent to each other. *goes to take horse pills*
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There was a young woman who sat down in front of me on the bus today, and it looked like she'd scored a list of the top 20 things you must wear to successfully pull off the 'young, sweet, conservative girl' stereotype and worked it. Pink sparkly earbuds, beige cardigan sweater, string of slightly pink pearls, low ponytail (hair a modest shoulderlength) held by a plastic tortoiseshell clip.

You go, girl. Get down with your perfectly assembled look. I wonder if she was an undergrad?

The guy sitting next to me had long hair, pulled back in a similar low ponytail, but his hair was nearly (accidentally) dreaded, and he was the guy who was yesterday telling a friend about how he'd bought a house over the weekend. (He was pretty excited and TALKING REALLY LOUDLY). Today he was playing games on his Sidekick phone.

I am just about worn the fuck out, flist. The last five days of the paddling season see me dragging my sorry ass around. Somehow, and I'm not sure this is unrelated, I've found myself in that bus-ride zone even when not on the bus. The zone where you can't read a book (I can on a plane, apparently I need to practice reading in cars and busses), don't think you can focus on a glaring computer screen, and haven't the attention span for television (or are too lazy to haul you ass upstairs to turn it on.) Best way to keep a bus-zoned Minx occupied? Knitting. I've gone from casting on to gusset on a sock in four days. That's a land speed record.

I may actually get a few pairs of socks knitted for folk for Christmas this year. Huh.

This list of randomness brought to you by the fact that my race on Saturday will be approximately 27 miles.

Happy hump day!

Ten Things

Apr. 13th, 2008 08:26 pm
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tl;dr )

It's still a great and terrible, common and extraordinary, process and event.
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Consider, please: By Any Other Name by ([ profile] sori1773) which is a lovely progression of strangers to friends, to falling out and making up and farther. John/Rodney, and gentle and lovely. The pacing is really nicely done.

Downpour by [ profile] littleheaven70 is an NC-17 Daniel/Vala that is really annoyed, tense, irritated sex, with just a bit of an ease of tension post-coital. It's great characterization, with Vala pushing too hard and Daniel getting fed up and not liking himself anymore but just having nowhere to run... and not a single punch is pulled, no easy falling into bed for anyone. Thanks to RW for the rec on [ profile] stargateficrec.

(also, if you're into arguing today, [ profile] _inbetween_ wrote a cranky!John & Rodney snippet and it gives me perverse joy. Fuhgeddaboudid.)

This is bound to be one of my favorite Jack character studies ever, and it's Jack and Daniel friendship oriented, so that's a plus, and Jack's protectiveness arc is so nicely drawn and I just hadn't thought of it that way, it's really nice. Elementariness. Gen, but you could read in pre-slash, if you were wraith816. ETA: forgot to tell you the author! It's [ profile] kellifer_fic's work.

Aaaaand last but not least, [ profile] sidlj wrote a fic about recovering and balance and support and taking all the time you need: Someday, with a warning for unexplicit non-con. Rate it teen for subject matter, but no graphic violence. (She rebounded from the subject matter by letting her two favorite boys be violent in a good way with each other: The Flip Side, warning this time for spanking and dubious submission.)

RL writing update and miscellaneous blathering. )

Done blathering. I'm done. It's okay.


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