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This will be a play-by-play reaction:


Does anyone else hear this word and expect John DeLancy to come walzing on the screen with a smug expression and stretchy space suit? No? Why not? Have you people not done your fannish homework being addicted to Star Trek episodes? Do you not realize that the SciFi incestuous actor usage mean it’s perfectly reasonable to expect a crossover where DeLancy as Q meets Mayborne and they *hate* each other until they join forces to seduce Jack?

Well, it’s perfectly reasonable to me. And why hasn’t anyone written that, anyway?

On to the movie! )


Dec. 10th, 2006 08:20 pm
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Have gotten beta comments back with the stamp of approval... hang on, lemme get this straight *puts on reading glasses, just at the tip of nose* it looks in great shape! Ha! Never mind where she goes on to berate me mercilessly about my comma splices! Just you never mind that.

Because, flist, *takes off reading glasses thoughtfully,* this fic took some wrassling, yes it did. Sweaty, dirty, not by-the-rulebook wrassling that hopefully leaves the viewing public not a little turned on. Yes, unlike my last fic, this one is pretty smutty. It is also a smidge creepy, on account of it's for the Through the Gate Darkly ficathon. Myself, I had to toss a coin to decide between taking a hot or a cold shower at the end of it, that's how mucky it got forcing this story to get written. Why, you ask? Probably because for the first time, I believe, I had a prompt from someone I know. What's more, I really respect her writing, and I have more than a vague idea of how she would write this prompt herself, which is just a smidge intimidating. But done. Almost. Barring last minute tweaking. And fixing those comma splices, obviously. Posting tomorrow.

Solution, for anyone who finds themselves in a similar embarrassment of riches, was to write the story she wouldn't have written. And then wrastle with your characters until they get on with it! Darn those pesky moral compasses. DARN YOU, CHARACTERS! DON'T YOU KNOW THIS IS A DARK FIC??? NO CONSCIENCES ALLOWED.

Makes a girl long for the simpler days of writing Jaffa voice, where the words are precise, the silences speak volumes and no one ever talks about how they feel, not even when proposing marriage.

So I thought I'd natter on about Teal'c for a minute, and the appalling canon silence about him that is so rife with potential fanfic. Also because posting fanfic even remotely about Teal'c leads to such fascinating discussions with people.

Teal'c Meta )

They say write what you want to see, so I think now would be a good time to thank [livejournal.com profile] moonshayde for running the [livejournal.com profile] tealc_ficathon last year. Hope we can do it again, actually. If you're interested, I recc'd absolutely everything as it was posted from that ficathon and the synopses are here. Also as well, there's my big ol' list of Teal'c recs. Who luvs ya, baby? Teal'c also figures in pretty loudly in a lot of my fic that's not specifically from his POV (like any time Cameron is in the same room with him,) so if you'd like to meander through my other stuff, you'll find it here.

That was much more subdued that the Sam meta fic from once upon a time. Feel free to chat or ask questions or whatever in the comments so I don't feel like I'm giving poor T short shrift.
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The Birthday celebration continues to go down, in the tangible world and internetly as well. Some of it-- belongs in a post all it's own (including [livejournal.com profile] raqs's rather hilarious announcement that 'Minxy-Sue' fic should be a new genre of it's own--people are writing comment fic! It's amazing! But seriously, deserves it's own post)

Here I have an older meta post that folk have asked to see, so while I try to wrap my brain around Alizarin's comment fic (of me with lavender eyes and long raven curls! bwahahaha) and Sal's hilariously minxy snippet, I post a little meta.

Rec me Sam & Jack )

How to find good stories in a new genre/pairing/fandom whilst avoiding the badfic )

The Header Rules: or, red flags and loud authors )

Exception to the header rules: If I know you. )

Exception to the header rules, part the second: Rec'd by a third party (see also: Rec me Sam & Jack, above) )

Know your header, work your header. )

Anyway, there's amnesty for headers on the Sam/Jack or Sam & Jack fic rec request, all I really need is a link and I'll peruse my own self. Or tell me why you read and where. Or just pull up a chair and grab a cup of tea, whatever. There's still cake from my birthday.

If you're interested in the perils of reading badfic, [livejournal.com profile] liviapen posted a fantastic little meta called Stop Knocking Down Phoebe, on character bashing to hold up an OTP, which is a pretty universal peril.

The most loved and grammatically capable beta on the planet (RW) pointed me to a nifty post on grammar here: a tiny refresher course in dialogue punctuation and speaker attribution, from [livejournal.com profile] furiosity.

[livejournal.com profile] littera_abactor has written the warning to end all warnings here, and it's hilarious.

'Tis time to head off to a patio party and swim and frolic and watch shiny things go boom. Happy Fourth of July, may your summer be grand.
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So I seem to be in a flurry of activity, despite being unable to sit down and work on a story, and yet needing a break and wanting to do something.... The following options have presented themselves, feel free to weigh in.

What would you like to see from Minx?
1. Meta on writing character POV (particular character request in comments)
2. Watch more Farscape and post stream of consciousness deep thoughts.
3. Meta on reading fic and the joys of the header (AKA red flags and deal breakers, or how to sell me your fic.)
4. A post in which all Minxes Fic are linked and located which will stand in for her woeful lack of a website. And forward date it, please.
5. Whinge about RL, for we find it fascinating, yes we do.
6. DVD commentary for a fic, requested in comments

Well, those of you who were hoping in the deep recesses of your grubby little hearts that I would natter on about character POV are in luck! Because the very lovely [livejournal.com profile] rydra_wong requests... Sam meta.*

Writing SAM:

Now is when I state my qualifications to hold forth on this subject. )

The starting line, or, making sense of the canon madness. )

The central point is that Sam can notice a great deal, but have no idea what to do with emotional stuff; it's not quite the same thing as being oblivious. )

The kind of personality who becomes a scientist and where the stereotype falters. )

Jack, Martouf, and where the UST takes a turn for the even more messed up. )

Pete, the traditional, how she thought she wanted that and how I think it's never going to be what she needs. )

Cliffs Notes version )

Oh, you mean writing like voice and sentence structure. )

Random fandom questions answered! )

Wow, I'm verbose today.

More questions? Clarification? Just ask. That's all I got for now, although I shall point out the list of Sam recs here, solicit links for fic I've erroneously overlooked, your thoughts on Sam, writing her, and links to other meta posts. Discuss amongst yourselves and we (the royal we) will be checking in and attempting to continue interesting conversations, so feel free to return and return.

ETA: discussion with [livejournal.com profile] green_grrl in the comments leads to the observation that for Sam, being comfortable with someone does not necessarily mean friendly; it means that she knows what to expect from them, understands and can predict that behavior. This came from discussing her use of slang and how quickly she fell into teasing Rodney in 48 Hours or the one where they shot the 'gate into an unstable wormhole ("You're creeping me out, McKay,") despite the clear animosity there. Rodney, though, very much presents a 'what you see is what you get' face and, both of them having gone through the academic training of defending one's ideas, that would be a predictable, understandable animosity for Sam. Yup, she'd be comfortable with Rodney very quickly. Barrett, on the other hand, whom I like a lot, is sometimes a little too nice to Sam, leading to stuttering and 'not-exactly' imprecision and second guessing what she's saying. Her best moments with Barrett were when they had the push and pull of working together with different priorities and a gentle ribbing and teasing (You? Boyfriend? Huh.) Sam gets that she has to tell him not to throw himself on the ground to protect her. That was a pretty 'guh' moment, I thought, with snickering. Also they were lying to each other, which was an interesting obstacle.

*[livejournal.com profile] surrealphantast has been quoted as saying "Ha! I fear for fandom when I think of what you and RW could get up to together." So, for the record, we get up to fanfiction, and lots of recent postings of stories can be directly traced to AIM conversations. Beyond that, we are entirely serious, serious people and in no way plotting to take over fandom or anything else.

Also? RW does not have a fanfiction problem and can quit at any time and I professed an affection for the words 'inept' and 'Zimbabwe'. RW proclaimed that Skiffy is just really so classy entirely based on this official promo still of Shanks attempting to act in some upcoming episode (I didn't find it particularly spoilery) while at least three people hide behind his codpiece, a boom and an electrician try to get in there too, and the photographer's thumb is totally in the shot. We discussed how Claudia Black quite possibly walks on water, and I am very excited for the Female Friendship Ficathon, despite the fact that I am not writing for it, and am trying to resist signing up for the Sam Ficathon due to RL stuff, though I'm tempted, omg...

All of this is the logical preamble to the phrase "Ooh, you should write Sam meta.", if you were wondering. No fandoms were harmed in the making of this meta.
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It occurs to me, reading extraordinary Teal'c fic, and talking to the authors of said extraordinariness ([livejournal.com profile] paian, I'm looking at you, you marvelous thing, and still thinking about Speak the Living) who said there was more they were trying to do when they've already just blindsided me with story...

meta meta thinky meta )

Speak to me, yeah? Let's talk about the subtleties of backstory that the episodes have no time to explore properly. What did you think of the [livejournal.com profile] tealc_ficathon? What did you read? Rec me some other work? Take the floor! *surrenders the conch*


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