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Fanfic Recs:

(I'll give you a minute to sit down and compose yourselves, it has been a while.)

Fandom: Sherlock Holmes, BBC.

Reccers Notes: I finally caught up on the recent Victorian era movies, and some of the older, classic Holmeses, when I coughed up for a decent monitor and desktop computer. And the bromance was nice, the chemistry between various Holmeses and Watsons frequently sparking and wonderful.

And then I realized they'd made a fanfic version. Which is to say, the BBC got the Dr. Who lads to write a modern AU, cast the guy from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie, and a fellow called Benedick Cumberbach, who's name alone is brilliant (also he looks like the older brother of Colin Morgan, who plays Merlin on the Beeb's other show I watched recently.) So here you have Martin Freeman, playing Watson and actually saying that he thinks of the show as a romantic relationship evolving, and then I realized...

This is the same chemistry I loved in the old school Jack and Daniel relationship on SG-1. A hardened, emotionally overwhelmed, damaged war vet (Watson, or Jack) meets a brilliant, desperately needed, socially inept and shunned, savant (Holmes, or Daniel). And then they move in together (temporarily in SG-1, for the foreseeable future in Sherlock Holmes) and either visit other planets or solve crimes.

I grant that the analogy breaks down at the "other planets" bit, but the relationship dynamic is consistent enough to hit the right buttons, and different enough to be novel.

Of course it's classic set-up for a detective story, as SH kind of defined the classics, but it's also endlessly varied with cases and studies as well as the friendship and various idiosyncracies of the boys (Watson in therapy for PTSD and a psychosomatic injury besides his actual injuries), Holmes being himself, etc, but something else interesting happened in this fandom, to my mind, besides the old married love kind of slash that Jack and Daniel writers so loved. Sherlock, in some of the most brilliant stories I've read so far, is plausibly and wonderfully written as either completely asexual and not interested in sex at all, or in some truly wonderful stories, transitioning to male.

So, I give you, the stories I have been reading in Sherlock Holmes fandoms (mostly, but not all, the modern AU that the BBC is airing now.)

Classic early relationship and slash: The Perils of Urban Warfare by [personal profile] phantomjam. Watson POV, pilot timing, and how Watson goes on the mend. The early story is as much Afganistan in John's mind as London, but there's a moment at the end, where John laughs, without any exposition from the author, and I loved the catharsis of that moment. Very nicely written, not worksafe, Watson/Holmes.

A first kiss from [personal profile] resonant: Amenable, which might be cross-referenced under "experimental first steps" for Sherlock. John/Sherlock, not worksafe.

One of comms I've been trawling had a marriage theme for a bit, but like Jack and Daniel, I think John and Sherlock really just work in an "old married love" kind of way:

Declarations of Mutual Devotion which is sweet and just sort-of not about the sexytimes. Worksafe, by [personal profile] waketosleep.

This one deliberately sets up an affectionate, but asexual Sherlock, which is fascinating. And almost more intimate in understanding--the gestures made are resolutely meaningful. Horse and Carriage by [personal profile] flawedamythyst, worksafe.

On the subject of an asexual, or not-even-remotely-interested-in-sex Sherlock, a fic that has no more homoerotic subtext than the canon. Touchy Feely by the lovely [personal profile] basingstoke gen, worksafe, spoilers for The Blind Banker (ep 2).

Thirdly, an asexual (or, at least, really not very interested) Sherlock, with an interesting twist on sleeping together. I think I accept the resolution of the story, but I'm worried that I found it satisfying, when it might have kept it's edge. Regardless, a sweet story that has had me thinking long since I read it. The Second Law of Thermodynamics by [personal profile] entangled_now, and sequels The Art of Negotiation, The Definition of Insanity, and The Rules. John/Sherlock.

Okay, a little gleefully awkward negotiation and first time, because really I'm a joyful slasher: Thought Experiment by [personal profile] entangled_now Watson/Holmes, not worksafe.

One of those angsty, atmospheric, burn-through reveals that hurts so good. The Hour of Separation, by [personal profile] vegarin worksafe, but wrenching. John/Sherlock, PG-13. Spoilers for The Great Game (ep 3).

Trans Sherlock: Now I have to caveat that I am no expert on the trans experience, so I can only say that these stories read as legit to me and let you take what qualifications you will from that. What made these real is the sense that your body may not be an ally, that it can betray as easily as people can betray each other. I very much liked the read that it's not Sherlock's inherent discomfort with social niceties in general that puts him on the fringes of society, but rather that he is a fringe member of society, that he's hiding bigger secrets than loneliness, and that friendship is a bigger acceptance than merely tolerating a person's company. I loved the read of Sherlock as female to male, I thought it added amazing depth to the character and I think the stories that result are remarkable.

Two for your reading: Seems So Easy For Everyone Else by [personal profile] etothepii, link goes to part 1, this story is pre-series, and features Sherlock's changing relationship with Mycroft as a central point. It is gorgeous and heartwrenching.

The second is set in Victorian London, the Law & Downey, Jr. edition, by the physical description of Mary. Intemperance, by [personal profile] basingstoke from the journals of Dr. Watson, and wonderful. You want to hug them all, if there weren't significant danger that Holmes might bite you. Probably not worksafe, though all hanky-panky is off-camera, and the relationships are all canon. Still, this is like no story I've ever read before. As thefourthvine said in her recommendation (which got me reading fanfiction in this fandom in general) one of the amazing aspects of Holmsian fandoms is the reliance on Watson (prim, proper Watson) as a narrator. It's not a great leap to believe he might have edited out some key, private, details.

Related, but not FtM Sherlock: The Adventure of the Manor House by Lyra. ACD canon with a brilliant conceit: ACD was Watson's editor, and the stories are, therefore, real and more rounded than publishers at that time would have allowed. It's years later and the the ACD literary trust has decided to publish stories that had been deemed too indelicate for Victorian times (and later). It hits a realism kink of mine too: when first time sex (especially in an age where the Gay Kama Sutra is not available) is less than perfect, but good enough to continue. Not worksafe. Trans, slash, warning for past rape in the clients story.

In which either John or Sherlock is a little bit special (the magic skills AU trope):

Make Whole What Has Been Smashed by [personal profile] gigantic, in which Sherlock is not living in time the way everyone else is. John/Sherlock.

One of my favorites: an empathy with objects, an understanding of their history by touch. In this case, the skill is John's. They Tell Me Their Secrets (Will You Tell Me Yours Too?) by [personal profile] etothepii gen, worksafe.

Shadows on the Wall by [personal profile] arasigyrn in which John comes back from Afganistan psychic. I loved the even power dynamic, even if John was the only one who knew. UST between John and Sherlock, but still U. Worksafe.

Crossover with The Sentinel (which I know nothing of, and still loved this) which makes them both a little magic. This is ACD ostensibly, but I kept picturing BBC!Lestrade, Richie!Watson and one of the earlier film's Sherlock. I don't know. Also the headjumping, and I didn't mind. I read this three times on three consecutive nights. It's compulsive. Observations on Sentinels and Guides in Victorian London by [profile] ryuuzakochou. Worksafe, long and plotty. Holmes/Watson.

Brilliant, brilliant Molly: back of the envelope in a way. May be the smartest, awesomest, most intruiguing not-sexual attraction to the lead female character I've read in a long time. The Anatomist by [personal profile] rosa_acicularis. Work safe, gen, but not in any way a safe story. I would love if this were canon.

One of the more creative conceits I've seen: soul bonding with an extraordinary world built around it. Through the hiatus and, as the author says, the story of how John lost his mind and got it back. I did miss the romantic resolution, but it's a complete story if it's exclusively about John. The Ties That Bleed by [profile] luchia13. Work safe, but tenuous. John/Sherlock.

via brownbetty: The World on his Wrist by bendingsignpost. Long, plotty, Bob/gen/pre-slash.

A beautiful emotional ride. Not only John and Sherlock (Sherlock's POV and well written) but also Mary and Mycroft, all as fully emotional, multi-dimensional characters with motivations and flaws. One of the masterworks I've read in the fandom so far. The Progress of Sherlock Holmes by ivyblossom. John/Mary and Sherlock/John. First times, long piece, not work-safe, lovely.

AU before the pilot: Ridiculous by [personal profile] kate_everson in which John is the best extraction man the army has, and the doctoring bit is the best cover. Sherlock is the worst about getting caught, and it's love at first sight, probably. Well, with John being all BAMF, how could it be otherwise? Worksafe.

Between series: the one where they go home to Sherlock's family for Christmas, the family is unexpectedly wonderful, but everyone thinks John and Sherlock are dating. Kind of addictive, this one. Winter's Delights by [profile] kate_lear. Not worksafe.

The AU where your soulmate's complete first name appears as a tattoo on your ring finger: Finding John by IronicNarwhal at AO3. Not worksafe.

Recs post S2:

Let You Kiss Me (So Sweet and So Soft.) by [personal profile] out_there. It takes John slightly less time to figure out why Sherlock has started kissing him than it takes Sherlock to figure out why John kisses him back. Worksafe, adorable.

There are already so many tropes about how Sherlock takes back the "married-to-my-work" thing, and how John is magically bisexual even though he protests muchly. This one? This one rings pretty authentic. Here, Our Minutes Grow Hours by [personal profile] the_arc5. Worksafe (fade to black) John/Sherlock.

Acceptable Risk, by [personal profile] astolat (John/Sherlock), first time.

Also [personal profile] astolat, but in ACD canon and lovely. The Maiden Voyage of the Tiresias slash, first time, drag, fade to black details. Non-worksafe, but I do love the euphemisms.

Planet Sherlock Hilarious ranking of what sex means turns into fabulous ranking of sexual encounters with each other. Very funny awkwardness and got pretty sexy there too. Not worksafe.

The Real Meaning of Idioms by [personal profile] feverishsea. In which things have not returned precisely to normal, though John does keep trying. Worksafe. John/Sherlock

Two gen-ish (well, for Sherlock and John version of gen) post-Reichenbach fics:

The Least of All Possible Mistakes by [personal profile] rageprufrock. Lestrade is a woman, and the first time she meats Mycroft, she tasers him. All her interactions with Sherlock, Anthea and John are similarly, utterly perfect. This is a long, luxuriously wonderful fic that I immediately reread. It is also the first Mycroft/Lestrade fic that I read for Lestrade, and not as a background relationship. I loved Pru's Lestrade. LOVE. Bob.* Lestrade/Mycroft, platonic?John&Sherlock.

The Montague Street Doctor by The_Circus. John-centric survival, and how he picks new battles and survives. Beautiful emotion between John and Sherlock (and everybody, really) and fantastic supporting and OC cast. John&Sherlock, gen, worksafe.

ACD canon: Summer of Change by [livejournal.com profile] charlotteyonge.

Bound in Gold Arranged Marriage AU, and kind of adorable in their mutual outrage at the indignity of it all. By [livejournal.com profile] pennin_ink. John/Sherlock.

I find the idea of BBC Sherlock someday keeping bees a leap. This story showed how he might become that man. Seeds by [livejournal.com profile] thesardine. gen.

Molly. Awesome awesome Molly. Black. Two sugars. Sherlock should have known. Worksafe. Gen.

The end of the world, and the worst kind of quarantine. And all my pirates share the grave by [livejournal.com profile] cathedralcarver. not worksafe.

Brilliant, believable D/s where their friendship still comes first, even in the face of a personal case, and pasts that would legitimately break lesser spirits. The Cold Song Series by [archiveofourown.org profile] Eldritchhorrors. Hands down my favorite D/s series. Blatantly not worksafe.

S3 or including Mary Morstan:

A beautifully quiet evening full of small explosions. Repast by leavinghope, is a dinner party post-HLV. It ends on a beautiful hopeful note, and I particularly loved Harry.

A House Already Haunted by fickelpig. A very interesting conceit, as Helen Watson tells a ghost story. Probably not what you were expecting, unless you were expecting a haunting tale, with lyric timing, and a fantastically unreliable narrator. Not gen.

Not the Mary in S3, but she's here. This is a bromance or gen story between John and Sherlock, but you can respect everyone in the morning. and the rivers shall give up their dead by Raven. Sherlock struggles with emotions, John heals.

During the hiatus. Slash and het. Normal Life by overnightbivouac. Oh, John. not worksafe.

ACD canon (though there are more above, unorganized.):

These two stories were rec'd together, and I shall do the same. First is a masterwork, and I read it as my own weird ACD Holmes/Richie Watson, but I don't know why I do that. Possibly it is Richie!verse? Whatever, it is not to be missed, and absolutely does belong in one's personal canon for the backstory of Holmes and Watson. Mistakes of our Youth by candle_beck. H/W, and utterly heartbreaking. not worksafe.

Then the balm for that one (to mend your shattered heart) is Twelfth Night by Katie Forsyth. A master writer in the fandom, but this is the core of everything. H/W, not worksafe.

Other rec sites:

My bookmarks at AO3: minxy's bookmarks

Recs Pages/communities: oatmealjumper's recs page (note: page is down. Reccer has removed it, sadness!)

[livejournal.com profile] 221b_recs for a livejournal recs site.

alizarin_nyc's delicious recs are also a treasure (lots of vids there too.)

A Sherlock rec a day at Raconteur (sort of every day now.)

Ghostbee's masterlist of Holmes/Watson fic.

What_alchemy's recs which is fanfiction in general, mostly all flavors of Sherlock and Avengers at the moment. This is a specifically ACD fanfic post

Wherein fen ask for recs, and the comments are awesome: Cesperanza's Request Post and Pandarus/Fayjay's Request Post. I love fandom. Such a wealth of recs, there.

Sherlock Holmes at [livejournal.com profile] crack_van also a specifically Sherlock BBC tag as well.


*bob or Bob is a tongue-in-cheek term for a story in which romantic relationships between people exists, but are not the main point. I always think of it in a "binary definitions don't really fit" kind of term (where binary would be gen vs. porny story). Proper definition at Fanlore

Date: 2011-06-22 01:00 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] ames
I am currently devouring Sherlock and Sherlock fic. I find that my favorites so far are the asexual Sherlock who is in love with John stories - there's a freshness to them that is really invigorating to this *BOFQ. I haven't organized my reading enough to have actual recs, but I feel it coming. :D

Which is to say, I am totally reading all of those stories!

*Bitter Old Fandom Queen, only half in jest :D

Date: 2012-02-28 05:04 am (UTC)
alizarin_nyc: (Default)
From: [personal profile] alizarin_nyc
Going to make sure all these recs are part of my own reading list/rec list. I have a lot of recs on my delicious, under my same LJ name.

Will you be writing any? I did, but have been frozen in time for a while. Nice to see you back around these parts!

Date: 2012-03-03 10:18 am (UTC)
alizarin_nyc: (Default)
From: [personal profile] alizarin_nyc
I hear you on writing. Some days it's just enough to do what you have to do as an adult.

SHERLOCK. So great to see you here, or really, anywhere. It's always good to see you. :)

Date: 2013-08-05 04:38 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] dicranum
I just found your rec list in my hunting for rec lists, but I needed to comment. What you say at the beginning, about what draws you the Sherlock, is interesting because I think it was the opposite for me in what drew me to SG1 except it was off of ACD holmes/watson. But with them making Sherlock and it being so modern, I can really see what you are talking about there. I think you've articulated eloquently what was in the back of my mind all this time! So thanks for that!

What's funny is I joined SG1 fandom rather late, maybe 9th season, so Daniel's whole ascension arc had played out already for me to watch in a few days. The first thing I thought of was how to compare how canon and fandom handled the 'death- rebirth/return' to my first two fandoms at the time, which were ACD Holmes/Watson and K/S trek. It's neat to see others thinking about this from the opposite direction.

And now I shall devour your rec list, merci!


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