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Hello flist.

How's things with you? I am discontent for three notable reasons: 1) my refrigerator broke last week and newly minted husband-type was already off working and not able to assist at all, which brings me to 2) it was the first bloody day of classes so I couldn't stop to fix it. Fridge is still on the fritz. and 3) I seem to be losing weight again.

This last bit probably isn't a source of worry (I am a healthy height/weight combo, pinky swear), except it's been three years now where I lose weight in the beginning of the fall semester when I am most nervous, and then proceed to lose weight more (albeit much more slowly) over the course of the year. I'm just wondering if this is how things are now? Now that I have my metabolic panel blood work coming back in a reasonable range? Am I one of those people that lose weight when things are nervous or tough? Because, just between us, flist, that is not how it works for anyone I'm related to. It is a strange thing to edit your ideas of not only what you look like, but how you respond to the universe. It is. So sometimes I worry.

I've decided my new metric for healthiness is breasts (my own)--I might have to order a freaking 30 or 32 inch band for my D cups online when I can't find it in stores, but as long as they are still Ds, I'm not going to panic. As long as my breasts stay huge I'm probably fine, right? Right, flist? Guys?

So a miiiiiild source of discontent is that most of my favorite Sherlock reccers are quiet lately. I may have to start finding my own stories! Gasp! In case there are others out there who, like me, are dying for Sherlock BBC recs, I am posting a link to My Sherlock Recs here, which also contain, at the end, links to my AO3 bookmarks and favorite reccer's sites. Yup.

And now I shall return to non-refrigerated food for dinner.
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