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reccer's note: I'm doing my best to clean up these lists as I repost them to Dreamwidth, including updating them with all recent recs. I would greatly, greatly appreciate help finding broken links and repairing them. Thanks in advance.

Just in case there are a few fen out there who haven't realized it yet, I have become a massive fan of Teal'c over the course of my Stargate fannish life. He wasn't my in to Stargate, but by Jove, he's the reason I've stuck around.

I have meta on Teal'c that goes on at some length as to his wonderfulness; you can find it (recs and more meta) through these links:

Teal'c meta introduction (canon, voice, team role)

IBARW post on Teal'c's awesomeness (The finale and Teal'c's arc throughout the seasons accepting his past and the Gods)

The Teal'c translation post (The four 'describe how Teal'c would...'s as well as a compare and contrast with the rest of SG-1, original flavor. Dialog heavy.)

My Teal'c stories are here:

Without Fear of Wind or Vertigo (Teal'c and Vala friendship, set during S10's Unending),

The God of Poets Has Two Hands (Bra'tac, Teal'c, S9 or 10),

Run (Teal'c and Daniel, S8, a reel_sg1 story),

Five Things Teal'c Learned in Fifty Years (Teal'c, Teal'c/Sam/Cameron, S10, spoilers for Unending),

Footsoldiers on Uneven Ground (Bra'tac, with Teal'c's backstory),

Stadium Seating (Teal'c/Cameron, but non-explicit--I referred to this as the courting fic as I was writing it, S9),

Perchance to Dream (Teal'c and Sam, S6),

The Eye Is Not Satisfied With Seeing (Cameron/Teal'c, not worksafe, S9),

Campfirelight, Campfire Stories (Cam, but with Teal'c and Sam and Daniel, S9),

and Into the Breach (Teal'c, S7ish, which was my first Teal'c story).

Other's fine, fine work:

[updated 6/16/09]

[personal profile] janedavitt wrote a haunting Teal'c/Cameron stranded story for the [profile] tealc_ficathon this year. She wrote it to my prompts, but so transcended them it's just amazing. Jane does a gorgeous job of having them get caught up in their own minds and dreams and then eventually connect to each other as something real, if just as characteristically frustrated. She does a particularly fine job of Teal'c's familiarity with the Tau'ri that still maintains a greater perspective of them in general and particular.

From the Sam Carter comment-a-thon: Sam/Teal'c, early seasons, Full Frontal from [profile] shimmeringstar1. Dubiously SFW.

Some recent work from [personal profile] paian: Five TV programs that Teal'c records so he never misses an episode. which is a fantastic mix of gravitas, empathy and humor (worksafe.)

And a fantastic haunting Sam POV, releasing self-imposed restrictions and allowing new ideas for herself. The Blessing of Presence is Sam in Unending, becoming Sam/Teal'c, and lovely. Worksafe, from [profile] princessofg.

A couple of Cameron/Teal'c stories (EEEEE!!!):

First one is from [profile] princessofg, who writes them sparring and kneeling and plays with Cam's knowledge of Jaffa culture elegantly. Love the implied depth of other friendships with the rest of the team, the humor, and the sense of inevitablity and need. When You Know What You Know, Cam/Teal'c first timed, NSFW, no particular spoilers besides late seasons cast.

Next is from [personal profile] janedavitt, who takes them into established relationship. This one is a doozy, because you have two people deeply invested in kindness and manners and formality in some respects, but Jane writes the completely scorching contradiction they've always had where they prefer roughness with each other. This is a short little bit of sexiness packed with intimate negotiations from name to intentions, and you know this is one of those relationships where they'll have the conversation once and the message will be received. Past A Certain Point, rated R, and you might possibly get away with it at work, but it is a conversation in bed.

[profile] abyssinia4077 posted a marvelous remix of Into the Breach titled Rosemary for Remembrance (the Paragon of Animals remix) and it's lovely: full of outside POVs of Teal'c throughout his life. About choices and consequences and give and take. The friendship with Daniel, particularly, is lovely. Worksafe. Not precisely gen, though (but neither was the original).

Any story from [personal profile] paian is a story worth reading, imo, but when she writes Teal'c, something really sublime happens: An I for an I is to the prompt of Identity, and really, really amazing. Teal'c. And Identity. By Paian. Go read it. Worksafe.

From the [community profile] sg1friendathon is [personal profile] holdouttrout's fantastic Teal'c and Vala prank wars. I mean, Teal'c and Vala alone are wonderful to contemplate, but with the addition of meditation and scheming, you get two very opposite people with a whole lot of sympathy understanding need and filling it. They are nicely true to character in beats that stretch over the timeline of the finale. Jester's Silence, worksafe, spoilers for Unending. I remixed this story into Without Fear of Wind or Vertigo.

From [personal profile] beatrice_otter, one of my favorite things ever: a Sam and Teal'c Unending Tag. Um, I think it might have been my prompt at [profile] choc_fic, come to think of it. This is gen, though, and aching, as Sam and Teal'c spar and don't apologize for not pulling punches. Lovely. The Weight of Non-Existent Years. SG-1, finalefic.

[profile] amidalashari brings the Teal'c and Daniel friendship: White Chocolate Space Egg in which Daniel is earnest and Teal'c is Totally Messing With Him. Worksafe.

A Descension fic, S7, Daniel seeing and not seeing, and Teal'c characteristically not mincing words. Really nice friendship as only Stargate could, really. [personal profile] splash_the_cat's Out of the Loop, gen, Daniel and Teal'c, S7. Worksafe.

[profile] abyssinia4077: Now the Sun has Come to Earth, Sam/Teal'c apocafic sg1. A beautiful way to go down swinging, and holding someone's hand. Sam's need and Teal'c's loyalty are amazing here, and heartrending. Worksafe.

[profile] kalquessa wrote a brilliantly funny Sam-is-kick-ass story (with gladiators) called Girls (and Jaffa) Do Not Fight Fair that is just so wonderfully teamy and happy, after a mission return delayed. Team, S8, worksafe.

A ficlet from [personal profile] cofax7: Teal'c, and a bunch of other hookups (post S9, joyful).

The Bullet Struck Hard, But I Do Not Bleed by [profile] abyssinia4077 Daniel and Teal'c, and one of the stories I read for inspiration when I was stuck working on Run.

Earthbound by [profile] svendra. Teal'c, SG-1, AU, and just one of the neatest ideas ever. Teal'c, Bounty Hunter. The big guy would be happy, with all his private investigator aspirations.

This Mountain in the Wind by [personal profile] splash_the_cat in [profile] choc_fic. Jack/Teal'c, SG-1, PG and wonderful.

Then there's [personal profile] paian, who wrote an extraordinary Five Things for Teal'c. In this case, Five Ways Teal'c Could Have Grown Up On Earth, I believe. Her descriptions of him are incredible, especially in different venues or arenas or roles--the ways in which he is less alien for having grown up here are marvelous, and the ways in which he is still recognizably Teal'c are incredible. God I love that woman's writing. Worksafe, and recommended strongly.

[profile] abyssinia4077's romp through silly food as comfort. Sam and Teal'c, Feeling Blue, lovely tag to S9's New Order. I think it was S9 or S8, gen, worksafe.

[profile] ana_grrl has a way with world building, that constantly gives you tactile reminders that you are in a foreign place, an alien landscape. Along the way, you get Teal'c's pragmatic and elegant interpretation of the Taur'i, right along side the ways they surprise him, at the end of the world. I also enjoyed the play of relationship in understanding and comfort, rather than the usual physical awareness, it's a wonderful idea to get to Teal'c through his mind. Grey Skies, Ashen Ground, for [community profile] apocalypse_kree, Cameron/Teal'c, PG rated, SG-1.

I once asked people to write me Teal'c in a cathedral, so I thought I'd repost that they are:

[personal profile] surreallis, who wrote Godless, a lovely strange ritual of friendship between Sam and Teal'c: the ritual of Sunday mornings and the cult of bacon, and lovely. SG-1, gen, PG.

[personal profile] janedavitt, who wrote the very beautiful hurty Teal'c and Daniel friendship Stained Glass.

[personal profile] synecdochic also wrote Cameron and Teal'c and church, Five Things Cam and Teal'c do Together on Earth Fantastic.

I'm still hoping for Jack, and maybe Vala.

[personal profile] paian had a fantastic Pentangular Gate entry in [profile] sg1_five_things: Five Things Teal'c Brought Back in Unending. Seriously, the fifth one killed me. Gen, Teal'c, spoilers for the finale, but worksafe.

[profile] sg_fignewton wrote this hilarious team story, Ninja Style, which Julie subtitled 'Teal'c pwns SG-1', so you know it's fun. Gen, team, G rated, worksafe.

Teal'c being intimidated in a funny way fic! Thank you [personal profile] teand, for Proceed With Caution, (worksafe.)

[personal profile] delphia2000 wrote the gentle and insightful Questionable Fic (worksafe, finalefic). There is nothing like a story for a birthday present.

Finalefic: [personal profile] rowan_d's Signal Fire. Lovely Sam and Teal'c (PG-13), where Rowan does a brilliant acknowledgement of other loves. Spoilers for Unending (S10).

This one is between S6 and 7, it's complex psychology from Sam and Jack, it's insightfulness from Teal'c, it's the team dealing with one of the worst mistakes they've made and it's lovely. Also I love Jacks read that Sam is not oblivious, she just doesn't need to verbally express things most of the time. Find Your Way, worksafe, Jack & Sam & Teal'c friendship.

A Jaffa Revenge Thing from [personal profile] green_grrl, because you can't trap Teal'c in the middle of banter without his express permission. Or you can, but then you have to face the consequences. PG.

[personal profile] malnpudl wrote for [personal profile] surreallis the marvelous OT3 Tapestry, in which my very favorite part may be the role that Teal'c plays. Daniel/Jack/Sam, NC-17, S7 or 8ish.

HILARIOUS. I love this kind of dry, sarcastic humor. Also, damn fine satire. Teal'c is in fine form, must say. Of Virtue Fair, by [profile] ana_grrl SG-1 fairytale starring Vala. Gen-ish (some slash) PG-13.

[personal profile] synecdochic posted the gorgeous These Are the Things I Will Save for You, about the scattering of SG-1 to the corners of the universe and the country, about how much they gave up for each other and to each other. About alienation and culture shock, about trying so hard to say the things that need to be said and not being heard. Beautiful, beautiful story. OT3, with notable, wonderful Teal'c also, rate an R.

Cameron/Vala, of a sort (PG rated) from [profile] daisycm83: Not Scene, in which Teal'c is also very much awesome.

[personal profile] lyrstzha wrote a Cam/Teal'c set of Five Things! Well, Cam, with the occasional side of Teal'c (R rated), but any rarer pairing goodness is to be applauded. Rare pairings rah rah rah!

Also Sam/Daniel/Teal'c OT3 from Ari ([personal profile] wisdomeagle) for Meg [profile] sage_theory in the same ficathon: Highest Wisdom, Deepest Love. Has a dreamlike quality throughout, and a beautiful canonical basis. Feels believable and real and needed, by the end. NC-17.

[personal profile] splash_the_cat's Teal'c ficlet, post-betrayal and recovery in Threshold, is a thing of quiet team love: And I Am Looking Up at the Stars. Beautiful, gen, team. I love when they entertain each other; it's particularly moving when they're really trying to.

Then there is Splash's Sam ficathon piece, featuring Teal'c being wonderful. You Peacemakers Go to the Same Place as Soldiers. Sam, gen, early seasons. As Sam struggles, it's amazing the wisdom and character the other three bring to bear on her experience. Jack is sardonic and sympathetic, Daniel is what she can never be again, and forgiving, and Teal'c is wisdom at it's most bittersweet and sincere. Team love in a time of sadness. Lovely.

I'll include this one here because the team are all so incredible in this: Sam and Vala are stunningly dark. Cameron is such an amazingly loyal creature, Daniel is too self-aware, Teal'c broke my heart. This is set at S10 mid-season hiatus, so Jack is banished out to Pegasus, along with the Atlantis command staff, but everything else... It's like the saddest, most inevitable, darkest, gen novel you've ever read. They are all so twisted by the... end. So much so you have to wonder about whether the ending is happy, or relative. Deft, gorgeous storytelling, people. I'm still a little stunned I had anything to do with it. Palimpsest, 30,000 words, gen, R rated, dark. By [personal profile] paian for me in the [profile] dark_gate ficathon.

A very nice, most believable Sam/Teal'c's: Emotional Desperation by [profile] rolleson, (new Teal'c author, please encourage). PG-13 or mild R.

[personal profile] paian posted... somewhere, Teal'c's Five Favorite Boardgames, and then she was kind enough to repost it to [profile] tealc_fic where I could finish reading it. Five different games, thoughts, times and relationships, and it's just marbleized goodness. The conversation with Daniel kills me. Highly recommended.

[profile] dknightshade wrote an incredible Jack and Teal'c friendship story ca S4, it's about bearing witness in the face of discomfort, about understanding the ways one shows emotion and respecting strength. Incredible. Golden, PG rated, missing scene from 2010. Highly recommended.

[personal profile] janedavitt gets points for being the first (that I know of) to post any sort of tag for Talion. This is a drabble, established relationship, Cam POV, and heartbreaking with an economy of words: Marked Up, R rated-ish.

Shunda's wonderful and hot Cam/Teal'c snippet. NC-17, PWP, tactile and charactery and wonderful.

[personal profile] pellucid elegant Sam/Cam/Teal'c threesome is a fantastic example of comfort, knowing and willing and reasonable. Probably not enough to cover the loss, but enough to feel found. Attrition S10, through "Line in the Sand", NC-17.

[personal profile] surreallis has written some wonderful Sam and Teal'c. This one is Sam and Teal'c and religion, and I love, I *love* anyone having this kind of conversation with Teal'c. Godless.

From the lovely [profile] ana_grrl, Five Ways Cameron and Teal'c Told the Rest of the Team They Were Moving In Together. Loved it. Mean it.

Really marvelous Sam and Teal'c friendship piece that is just adorable: Enjoying the View from [personal profile] moonshayde, worksafe. Lucky, lucky Sam.

A series tag from [profile] niamaea, and one of those gen fics with a partnership also. This is Sam and Teal'c POV (the Teal'c is particularly lovely) as the team is given a chance to live and die quietly, no fanfare. Cameron/Sam in there, but it really is a nice little story about our heroes finding their own ways to live like normal people (or not, as the case may be). A Million Years Into the Sky, gen, Cam/Sam, PG, finalefic

[personal profile] medie wrote a great first kiss for Cameron and Teal'c called Out Behind the Gate, in which Teal'c is wry and funny and Cameron gets played. I loved it. PG-13, slash.

From the [profile] gateverse_remix, This is Teal'c and the original team treading on the edge of T's past. I love the detail of memory Teal'c obviously retains, his need to make amends, and his awareness of the karmic price that he's already paid. I adore wildly [personal profile] cofax7's use of scribes and historical documents to edge the story with facts Teal'c won't utter, and I love how what he does say along with all the other information hints at (possibly one of a million) destructive tragedies that Teal'c bears responsibility for. There is no flaw in voice or in character, and yet Cofax circles around [personal profile] beatrice_otter's story with moments between and it's just amazing. Team, Teal'c, PG, worksafe. None But Ourselves (the Redemption Song remix). This is a remix of [personal profile] beatrice_otter's [profile] tealc_ficathon piece Pale Battalions, also fascinating for how affected Teal'c is in the moments after the battle.

I got remixed by [personal profile] katie_m. Katie. M. I have so much respect for this girl I can't even tell you; she's just that wicked smart. She remixed (Perchance to Dream) a friendship story between Teal'c and Sam from Sam's POV. I love how the tone changes to reflect Sam's logic and progression from the original story's Teal'c. I love the details she filled in, and I am so fond of Teal'c and Sam together, and it's such a wonderful story in it's own right. To Thine Own Self Be True (the protesting lady remix) is worksafe.

[profile] ana_grrl wrote a Stargate Cam/Teal'c Ficlet that is so, so funny. Gods love RW for inspiring such madness. Warning: soup.

In more Cam/Teal'c goodness, [personal profile] adafrog posted a series of 5 Ripple Effect snippets, all centering around Cam and Teal'c in one way or another.

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but it's one of my favorite pairings, so. [profile] niamaea's Cameron/Teal'c ficlet about movies. Seriously. And Daniel is adorably clueless and dirtyminded at the same time.

SG-1 fic: Carry Me Home (het, slash) from [personal profile] sholio. I love finalefic, and this one is excellent. Teal'c voice is grand, the undercurrents of emotions going on behind the physical intimacy are wonderful, and it has a wonderful yearning playing with all the sense of being home and awareness of the gift of all of it. This is poly, multiple partners, and not worksafe.

SG-1 apocafic: Temperate from [profile] thassalia is Vala knowing how to live, and Cameron coming around to it and learning from her. It's a threesome fic with Teal'c being oddly funny in counterpoint to this wonderful bleak setting. NC-17, S10 without spoilers, very nice comfort. For [personal profile] sugargroupie's Wallsex Challenge.

SG-1 from [profile] ana_grrl. Incredible Luck, Annoying Charm (Teal'c, Vala, PG) Fantastic aliens bonding story (I've read some nice Vala gen lately) while figuring out how to beat the silly Earth people at their silly basketball game. Worksafe.

Da Capo again from [personal profile] splash_the_cat. This is Sam and Teal'c at the finale, and lovely. But then, I have a HUGE MASSIVE LOVE FOR SAM AND TEAL'C FINALEFIC. Gen, worksafe.

In the [community profile] mmom community, dedicated to multifandom masturbation for the month of May. Lots of grand, grand little fics there, but a Teal'c/Sam stood out for me: Tent Walls Part 2 from [personal profile] geonncannon (NC-17)

[personal profile] cofax7 looks at five decisions that might have gone differently in one of those alternate realities that are of little consequence to our T. Five Battles Teal'c of Chulak Never Fought. 'Twill break you and heal you for Teal'c. Mostly gen, just a smidge of the potential for slash in the last. PG. Power wielded, effects and consequences.

More from Moonshayde: The Price of Time, PG, gen. There are untapped reservoirs of interest in Teal'c's adjustment to Taur'i ways, seriously.

[personal profile] rydra_wong stepped up and did the first SG-1 commentary thingy in dvd_commentary on [profile] ana_grrl's remarkable Men of Action, which is Cam/Teal'c apocafic. Nifty.

The marvelous [profile] tealc_ficathon provided no small amount of fantastic stories. I have a master list reviewing all of them here). Among them were the following:

[personal profile] dustandroses wrote this for me and I love that she plays with the idea that Cam is really close to his family and that the others haven't had that luxury. I love that she writes Teal'c and Cam D/s and with kink, because these two strong, able, hierarchical men ought to have a few Not Vanilla stories written about them, don't you think? And this is a marvelous first time with trust and freaking out and dropping and Teal'c laughing. Laughing. It is possibly the sexiest part of a very sexy fic. Jaffa School, NC-17, D/s, bondage.

Easy There, Steady Now by [personal profile] rydra_wong for [profile] deani_bean, which I am not rational about because I beta'd it, but I do think it's an extraordinary example of intimacy and comfort in so many ways suited to the characters, and by the way, plot. Teal'c/Cameron, PG-13-ish, S9. It's also at her LJ. Highly recommended.

Molasses, by [personal profile] sugargroupie for [personal profile] jalabert. Cam and Teal'c, isolated and seeking each other and surviving mind games and being stripped down to their core beings; plus as the tension ramps and you get worried, you by the way also get the plot and the story, but the intensity is great enough that you do not care until you get confirmation that everyone's okay. Awesome. Gen, G, S9.

Leaving Childhood by [personal profile] katie_m for [personal profile] paian. Wonderful complexity in Teal'c's interactions with Ishta and Rya'c and Kar'yn, extraordinarily well crafted characters for all of them, fascinating subjects, fascinating reactions. It's amazing. S8/9, het, G-rated.

Speak the Living by [personal profile] paian for [personal profile] hsapiens. Gorgeous and heartbreaking traditions, both new and old, Teal'c adapting and coming to terms with his past and present and future, with loss and betrayal and orders and the price of freedom and the weight of surviving. Elegant friendships with Sam and others, incredible backstory and missing scenes from Heroes make the canon moments even more heartbreaking and meaningful. Wonderous. Gen, PG, spoilers for S7 through Heroes, some foreshadowing of canon Jaffa culture mentioned in later seasons, but not plot or character related. Highly, highly recommended.

Up For It by [personal profile] janedavitt for [personal profile] sugargroupie, Cam and Teal'c and Vala and sexy and funny and everybody on their game--the interaction is fantastic. One of my favs. PG-13ish, S9, pre-slash.

[profile] thassalia has written an amazing 5 things fic (in keeping with May being masturbation month) which is incredibly in character and lonely and heartbreaking in 5 fully different ways. But hot. I have no idea how she did that. SG-1, S9, NC-17. Her sensory detail is incredible.

Sam and Daniel sparring, with Teal'c teasing and the physical and the sexy and the dirty all coming to the mat. Fighting as foreplay, ladies and gents, and all of them very nicely in character. Sparring, by [personal profile] psychofilly, Sam/Daniel(/Teal'c), PG-13 from an icon prompt.

Commentfic! In a stalwart show of love for [personal profile] cofax7, elishivah, salieri and eve11 all fic'd with Teal'c! Jack and Teal'c, team and Teal'c, Teal'c and Sam... it's all good. So, so good.

A nice waking-up together fic from [personal profile] sugargroupie, her first in this fandom, and I love a girl who introduces herself with a sweet threesome: Not 'Til the End. Cameron/Teal'c/Vala, PG-13

[personal profile] psychofilly's Untitled Sam and Teal'c Have a Bonding Moment and Hammond has to Poke Jack in the Ribs to Make Him Behave fic. This is why you should name your own fics, people. But seriously, I really thought I'd recc'd this before...

[profile] minnow1212's Something Sweet, which is gen, marvelously layered and just really fine.

[profile] thassalia wrote [personal profile] cofax7 a post-ep for the Scourge. Teeeeeeamy goodness and a satisfying resolution we can't always have in the episodes themselves.

[personal profile] eve11 wrote a fantastic pinch-hit for the [profile] sg1teamficathon. This is marvelous teamy goodness featuring our heroes in prison and doing their respective things and getting it done. Folsom Prison Blues. SG-1 gen.

Danver's (=[profile] sdraevn's) As the AU Turns (the one where they're all gay) is hysterical. SG-1. Oh, the satire.

[personal profile] rydra_wong beat out many, MANY slash entries to win the coveted title of 'I Killed Fandom' with her story Leonine in the first Porn Battle. Cameron/Teal'c, and wonderful.

Footnotes by Tallulah Rasa is grand fuckedup!team future fic. No pairings.

I like any prompt that puts Teal'c front and center, and this is a nice 'helping out the town' fic, but it doesn't fall into an epic level sort of neediness. Also? Teal'c runs into an old friend, who tells stories about his reckless youth. In Fine Spirits by [personal profile] splash_the_cat. Nice little teamy moment.

[personal profile] rydra_wong has taken the plunge and posted a fic. And she did a great job with Teal'c's voice, also his conflicting loyalties and feelings about SG-1 and the SGC and the free Jaffa and the newest member of SG-1, who doesn't know enough to leave him alone. Mountains Are Not Mountains. I highly recommend her work.

A hysterical SG-1 fairy tale: The Tale of Sleeping Brawny and the Galactic Adventurer Who Woke Him Up by [profile] ana_grrl, where Teal'c would be the one taking a nap.

Nialla = [profile] nialla42's incredible SG-1 episodic satires the Breadbox Editions now feature Reckoning, Part 1 at alphagate. I love the MSK3K-like BBE's, and Teal'c fans have become more and more vocal in Season 7 and 8, and are really entertaining as Nialla writes us.

The unusual form fic that has spawned far too many plot bunnies in my head: 21 Things We Never Knew About Teal'c by [profile] nakedtoes. There are a lot of really nice insights in there.

An insta-birthday fic for [personal profile] cofax7 prompted by a single word gives us the lovely team snippet from [profile] elishavah. Season 5ish, Teal'c is a wonderful presence.

Really fantastic team-centered fics in the [profile] sg1teamficathon were required to feature all 4 members of the original team, including Teal'c. Courser (=[profile] shutthef_up was kind enough to pinch hit and write to the specific request of Teal'c talking. *Snoopy dance* Appropriately titled, Teamwork, it is a really nice team moment with all of them.

And, possibly my favorite from the teamficathon: Veil by [personal profile] eve11 in the [profile] sg1teamficathon. Has a magnificent alien culture, rich and deep and affecting. Watch Teal'c interact with Sam and help her, only to be unable to help himself. Jack feel helpless in the inability to yell or talk or touch and yet be the one who instinctively understands... then there is eve's extremely competant use of mathmatics as a centering chant for Sam, and Daniel's completely in character reactions to everyone.

[personal profile] cofax7's Welcome To The Working Week for [profile] elismore. This hits a lot of my kinks, here: competant!Sam, Snarky!Jack, Questioning!Daniel and Badass!Teal'c. I also love a good argument with a good resolution, and the team is just very on their game getting out of a nasty situation.

A beautiful Teal'c & Daniel moment as Daniel deals with his time as an ascended being by [profile] inyron for [personal profile] saeva: Enoch for the [profile] sg1teamficathon.

[personal profile] nandamai wrote for [personal profile] cofax7 in the [profile] sg1teamficathon a wonderful team piece with really nice Teal'c presence and dialog. Early season 1 SG-1 team, gen. Wavelength or, How I Stopped Worrying and Learned To Love My Job.

[personal profile] jmtorres and yet another 'never woulda thought but it totally works' pairing in Teal'c and Teyla. Postcard Fic. Jack, John and Rodney as the completely ignored MST3K commentary are hysterical.

[personal profile] cofax7 gives us the improbable, the wonderful, the no explanation could possibly suffice: Teal'c/Ronan snippet. Sam and Daniel are wonderful in this too.

I almost thought I'd read this before, realizing only on reading the authors notes that Teal'c reciting poetry in the first section was also present in the wonderously funny Elvis Has Left The Building. Sal, apparently, saw a greater story in a man and a woman who had been happy once, and built a gorgeous and bittersweet story around the few fleeting images we have of Drey'ac and what she told us of life in the camps, when her husband left her the burden of living under Apophis' rule. It's a rare gem of a tale, and so different from 'Elvis' that I almost want to think they can't have been the same passage. The Water Moon by Salieri ([personal profile] troyswann).

Brilliantly unusual perspectives, great voices and amazing insights from [personal profile] katie_m: Almost A Statesman Teal'c, gen, a CLASSIC. For a long time, guys, this was one of the handful of great Teal'c centered stories out there. Highly recommended.

[profile] thassalia wrote Teal'c/Vala for [personal profile] rydra_wong, and it's PWP and I mean... who'd have thunk? snippet. *guh*

Teal'c/Sam friendship, which I'm a big fan of. Tag for S6 'The Changeling'. Another Sleepless Night by [profile] vl_majel. Lovely Sam helping Teal'c adapt to needing to sleep, which I can't get enough of, obviously.

By Her Light by [personal profile] lovellama. Teal'c ponders stuff, yes he does, but you will laugh out loud at Jack and Daniel when they show up to keep him company.

A rather marvelous Teal'c & Sam friendship moment circa season 2. Excellent Teal'c voice and POV, really good characterization of the whole team. It's All About Technique by [personal profile] moonshayde.

With The Dying by Dira Daniel & Teal'c friendship fic, only it's post Moebius 2 and it's AU Teal'c and Daniel is just that amazing. This is highly recommended.

Cameron/Teal'c goodness, which is, btw, my official S9+ OTP:

[profile] sage_theory wrote (for me!) a pre-slash snippet Blip. Getting Teal'c's attention. Mmmm.

Cameron/Teal'c Fic by [personal profile] kernezelda. Friendship, unless you're squinting.

Weakness Defined by [profile] deani_bean at [community profile] mitchells_sg1. Landry's perspective, interestingly, on team dynamics. Short and interesting.

New Relationships by [personal profile] titti. And it's companion Hello, Goodbye at [profile] gate_unleashed. File under 'new OTP: romance'

Cam/Teal'c Fic by [personal profile] kernezelda, [profile] rubberneck, [personal profile] rainer76, [personal profile] thessalia and [personal profile] rydra_wong. Aliens made them do it, of course.

Teal'c/Michell ficlet by [personal profile] rainer76. Teal'c's take on the new leader of SG-1, very cool character interaction, and all about a basketball game (but personally, I think it's a metaphor). PG rated, friendshippy so far.

and (also [profile] ranier76) a WIP: Post Babylon

[personal profile] janedavitt was goaded into this pairing by a set of suspicious characters. Of no relevance whatsoever is the fact that she wrote [personal profile] rydra_wong and I a drabble which made me snicker. Try, Try Again.

[profile] ana_grrl who jumps in the new fandom with both feet: Gesture.

Also from Ana, pre-slash, a short little ficlet. Excellent Cameron voice. Just a Guy, Saying Hi.

Stuff crossreferenced from other rec lists of mine:

*glee* Jack and Teal'c Save The Day (illustrated) by [personal profile] trelkez. *glee*

Also from [personal profile] janedavitt are two really well characterized Jack/Teal'c fics. And damn if she doesn't make it work. Spit and Polish and Wishful Thinking.

Envisage by [profile] improperlydone. It's Daniel/Teal'c/Jack, and, whoa.

Echoes by [personal profile] raindroproses. Sam/Teal'c post Pete's death. AU.

Compromised, by Shallott OT4! Not graphic, but very entertaining.

Lapse of Gravity by Shallott Sam/Daniel/Teal'c. No, really, it totally works! Acknowledgement of S/J UST, nicely done.

This is hysterical. It's amazing what one canon sentence can do: Acid Worms by BetaCandy, which is Teal'c's take on the circumstances surrounding the drink that made Carter take off her... on P3X-595.

Further reading:

[personal profile] rydra_wong is maintaining an excellent list of Teal'c/Cameron stories, friendship and pre-slash and slash stories represented.

So we're here on Dreamwidth, which is run by a majority female brain trust, and the only other thing like it that I know of is the Archive of Our Own. So perhaps I shall now mention that Fanlore is open in beta, allowing editing and updating. I had been watching with some mild interest as these things developed, but hadn't really been over to see what was up (after seeing the wreck of the original Stargate page, I mean really! Thanks to [personal profile] stultiloquentia for sorting out that nonsense and writing a sensible description.) So I went by on a pointer, and realized something that got me involved like nothing before had: there was nothing on the Teal'c character page. NOTHING. I, er, might have spent a fair amount of time writing Teal'c backstory into his description as a result, but I burned out before I got to the fic links. I'm not sure whether people *want* to be linked, you know? But if someone wanted to finish the page, including this notion of references (really? What would you reference?) I would be really chuffed. And you can totally link to my meta or fic or whathaveyou, if you choose.

Date: 2009-06-16 11:37 pm (UTC)
aurora_novarum: (Sam & Teal'c)
From: [personal profile] aurora_novarum
[personal profile] minxy asked for this spammage, I swear. Hopefully, it's not too much of a "be careful what you wish for"... (and this is what comes for making this list the day after I finally organized all my fic tags!)

My Teal'c fics. (All Gen):

Friend in Need Missing scene from "Avalon Part 1".

Vanquishing Demons Teal'c suffering some PTSD issues after "Serpent's Venom" even as SG-1 is called to a new mission.

Drawing Straws is a team fic for "Shades of Grey", but Teal'c has a pretty important role.

Netscapade Season Nine team silly adventure with Teal'c having all the best lines.

Between the Lines Talion tag, it's really more focused around Teal'c than about Teal'c, but he's the center spoke of the team and Jack storyline. Bra'tac bonus!

The Archway a team ficathon entry with lots of emphasis on everyone set in early season 8, but Teal'c ended up taking over a whole subplot in his quest for Jaffa freedom.

No Place Like Home Teal'c point of view, Season One. He and Cassie watch "Wizard of Oz" for the first time in a team movie time.

Driving Lessons Teal'c is taught to drive in 1969.

V is for Victory, the Validation Teal'c & Daniel friendship set as Homecoming tag, with Teal'c providing Daniel with insights he hasn't remembered himself.

Flights of Ingenuity Why would a moon rock cause such veneration amongst the Tau'ri?

Target Practice
In the early days of SG-1, Teal'c is still a mystery to Sam. By the end of the evening off base, that's no longer the case.

V is for Vala Written for Teal'c Alphabet Soup, some bonding over a movie between Teal'c and the newest SG-1 member.

Statements Unspoken Teal'c and Daniel Secrets missing scene. Teal'c's struggle to make Daniel leave Sha're behind.

Constellation Serendipity Teal'c's observation of Sam's doodles leads to a profound discussion on stars, fate, and SG-1.

To the Victor Go the Spoils Teal'c during one of the many WoO loops. Poor guy couldn't even kel'no'reem in peace. But at least he gets cake. (Note, this is one story of an independent series of fics "What Would Jack Do?" and all of the others are also in this entry)

Path of Good Intentions Last but not least is from the new teal'c ficathon that just published. Continuum AU of Teal'c's point of view. I admit being influenced by Minx's Bra'tac fics when writing this.

Date: 2009-06-18 02:32 pm (UTC)
aurora_novarum: (Default)
From: [personal profile] aurora_novarum
Since I blatantly pimped myself, I figured to balance things out I should equally rec some awesome Teal'c fics by others (all gen). And my list is by no means exhaustive either. I just started getting dizzy trying to figure out what minx hadn't listed yet above...

Along minxy's cathedral theme:

The Magic of Myth by [personal profile] pepper Which IS Jack and Teal'c at a cathedral. Teal'c's got his own interests in making a pilgrimage there.

Team's Night Out by [profile] suzannemarie is a funny team adventure where SG-1 takes Teal'c bowling for the first time.

Divided Loyalties by [personal profile] moonshayde Teal'c feeling adrift after the defeat of the Goa'uld. Character study and view of team friendship

In Memoriam by Cynic_al is a look at future-old Teal'c (he's a grandfather), telling his grandson about his old team (written pre-Unending)

They're Waiting All the Same... by [personal profile] beanpot. Sam and Teal'c friendship, set post Counterstrike through a lot of Season Ten. Sam and Teal'c friendship as they think of a lost team member. (There's also a sequel/prequel from another perspective called "Come Ride a Choo-Choo Train").

A couple of [personal profile] beanpot's Gran'ma Mitchell series, Gran'ma has a particularly close connection to Teal'c:
Tomorrow I Will Open My Door Again where Gran'ma and Teal'c meet over Cam's hospital bedside.

Granma Said There'd Be Days Like This kidfic, (I'm not usually a fan, but this one cracked me up. And I'm not just saying that because I betaed).

Some really cool fic came out of the latest rendition of the tealc_ficathon from this spring, including... [see, this is bad because I'll list a few personal favorites, but really, you should go read ALL of them because there's not a loser in the group]

Package Deal by [personal profile] kernezelda Set S10, Teal'c has a birthday party.

Just Like Old Times by [personal profile] beatrice_otter Teal'c and Daniel have to go on a search and rescue mission for some wayward Jaffa chal'til (children).

Like a Bicycle by [profile] astrogirl2 is Teal'c learning how to ride a bicycle. It's a wonderful character study on Teal'c and his views on the Tau'ri.

Let's Leave While We're Happy by [personal profile] beanpot Teal'c helps Sam move to Area 51 (s8-s9 era). [I may be partial since this was the fic written for me]

The Sleeping Warrior by [profile] annerbhp Teal'c/Ishta. Set Season 9/10 era ish (kinda AU...or at least early S9 since it's an Oriless universe). Bra'tac needs to be rescued.

(P.S. Minx. You've got surrealphantast listed there. I don't think surreallis has gone by that name in a long time.)

I know I've forgotten LOADS more than I listed. But I'm atrocious at bookmarking/archiving fics I love (Which is a bad thing since I also have a bad memory for names. Hum a few bars and I'll tell you everything that happens in a fic, but ask me the title or author? Hah!)

Re: Archive post

Date: 2009-06-24 04:27 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] cesy
I found this list from [personal profile] aurora_novarum, and have bookmarked a lot to read later. Thank you!


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