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"Sherlock makes a mental note to be revolted in the morning."

Seriously. It's magnificent! I expresses that the character is in the middle of a shift! Is developing and the reader sees right through it. It's a lovely phrase!

Please, feel free to substitute "Sherlock" with the character of your choice (Aeryn Sun anyone? Cam Mitchell? Dean Winchester? Arthur?) and write lots and lots of fanfic.

FYI, this particular fanfic was In Deed Accomplish Our Designs by greywash on AO3, part of the excellent "The Good Morrow" series. Well played, author. Well played.
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My coach at the gym (it's CrossFit, if you were wondering, so kind of personal training? But not?) just informed me tonight that he was officially a baby (1 year old) when I moved across the country in HIGH SCHOOL.

On the other hand, I made really good lemongrass noodles for dinner on a whim and a prayer. So that's totally worth being proud of.
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One of the fic comms I read is doing "trope inversion" as a theme, where a character wakes up straight, or some such. It occurred to me that it would be a really neat Sherlock story to have him wake up with more memories. Memories he deleted, or experiences he deleted, and possibly have his recent relationships or experiences shed new light on them.

Relatedly, the posting window saved the following as a draft at somepoint, and I recall Brown Betty's meta on this was really very funny, so here you go:

Link spam:

Emily Nussbaum's lovely piece at the NewYorker The intersection of fans and Sherlock.

Brown Betty's hilarious alternate suggestions of 6 ways Sherlock's porn habits would be more believable (than "normal")
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I'd seen some words that might be construed as spoilers leading up to this episode. They were )

and now, the episode )
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Right, so Sherlock series 3 is happening, and imo, way too fast. I'm able to download the episodes much earlier than I'm ready to watch them, because I'm still processing the last episode. If that makes sense. So I'm a little behind here, but it means I've had a little more time to think, at least.

So, I shall respond as I'm able (read: when I find my words again)

5 things: )

It's been a while since I've watched a series I was fannish about and watched it on time (mostly), so a collection of other reactions:

Other reactions to 3x1: Kres on 3x1 as well as the above link about the train scene.
Alizarin_nyc pro/con list.
Cesperanza's meta on the show's kinky relationship with fandom
Astolat's fic interpretation of same. Not work-safe, I should mention.
Liviapenn's critiques of 3x1 and 3x2 (the bad and the good!)

*interesting side note about the music choices: you just don't expect one of your local jazz ensemble bands from grad school to make an appearance in Sherlock's... er, reappearance. Go, Pink Martini!
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fannishly speaking, was perhaps Star Trek: the Next Generation. Arguably, I may have been fannish about things long before, but TNG was where I started seeking out magazines in the one bookstore I was able to reach by bicycle on my own, and wished sometimes for more satisfaction in my episodes to match what I'd imagined from the teaser commercials in the week's lead-up.

Interestingly, my brother gave me the set on an external hard drive as a gift a few years ago, and I loved the show even more on rewatch, but for such different reasons! I'm Wil Wheaton's age, so I imprinted hard on his journey and loved that they had a medical woman for me to identify with. In my pre-teen years I became a shipper for a while (Capt. and Dr., please) but as a 30-something, I loved (LOVED, I SAY!) Data and Geordi's friendship, and felt strongly that the appearance of Whoopi Goldburg was guaranteed to add 40% more awesome to any storyline.

So, I guess the Blu-Ray's are being released soon? To drum up interest, the network is releasing limited versions of the blooper reels from each season. Mental Floss has links to each here. Oh, Worf.
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I could tell you about today. The ins and outs. But the sad parts are sad only to me, and the tragedies only feel that way because it's the last Monday of the semester and I am down to my last spoons.

So, I bring you this tidbit of insight, which is all I am capable of right now:

iTunes "random" may be the new century's Ouija Board*. You probably don't believe, but sometimes the random choices are just creepy enough to make you question. WHAT THE HELL, iTunes? Enough with the spiritual music from the great beyond.

*Ouija Boards were supposedly ways to channel spirits from beyond the grave. You only needed two people who believed, then put your hands on the pointer and chanted together "light as a feather, stiff as a board" or something like that. I may be confusing the thing where we tried to levitate each other.
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I don't know if it's possible to puppy pile virtually and then into real life, but I will volunteer to pile on my sweetheart! E has just discovered Farscape (it's newly on Netflix, and he'd never seen the beginning, so the eps had never made sense before!) We've proceeded to mainline the first season in about 3 days.

He's so cuuuuuuute!
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I do so hate being stuck in airports when my flight is delayed. It'll be past midnight when I'm home, even if we depart as currently scheduled.
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Listen, I know it could be abused in a possibly-stalkery kind of way, but I really am waiting for the day you're allowed to leave multiple kudos on works you really, really love.

Relatedly: The Least of All Possible Mistakes by [personal profile] rageprufrock is magnificent. Lestrade is a woman, and the first time she meats Mycroft, she tasers him. All her interactions with Sherlock, Anthea and John are similarly, utterly perfect. This is a long, luxuriously wonderful fic that I immediately reread (edit: and have just reread again). It is also the first Mycroft/Lestrade fic that I read for Lestrade, and not as a background relationship. I loved Pru's Lestrade, and all the wonderful ways femininity changes (believably! wonderfully!) the character we've seen in iterations across the canon. Lestrade/Mycroft, platonic John&Sherlock. BBC 'verse.

also: has it really been over a week since I posted anything? Wow, it's easy to fall off the wagon.
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discussion of weight loss )

Strange adventures in health, I tell you what.

hit a wall

Oct. 10th, 2013 06:51 pm
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I am supposed to be working out right now. Yep! I'm not. Because I hit the most amazing introvert wall at about 6:15. I'm heading home, last of the sun dusting the clouds, and I could not stand the idea of social behavior.

Instead, I picked vaguely pink tomatoes and arranged them in my window sills to ripen inside where it's warmer. I feel like I am similarly in better shape locked into my house (making tomato sauce with the ripe ones rotating off the window sill) than outside.

It's funny how sometimes you just hit a wall, isn't it? After all, the gym is for me too, but a different part of my psyche.
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So I am holed up with my knitting today, making chicken noodle soup and listening to Welcome to Night Vale, episode ... 6 now. I think it's fair to say this radio series is adorkable and wonderfully creepy at the same time. So, it's probably time for a new official recs list. Only it's kind of hypothetical, as I'm making note of people in the fandom who are writing (please rec!) and waiting to read anything until I've caught up.

And now, the weather )

thingswithwings' WtNV fic is all here, but the following story is particularly magnificent: The Observer Effect in which form 42R is a must. Cecil/Carlos.

Oh goodness! Dira Sudis is in this fandom? The Importance of Accurate Moaning. Oh, the things Carlos doesn't know. Cecil/Carlos.

Kidfic in Night Vale was bound to be something else, wasn't it? This is a wonderful and near-perfect script for an as-yet-unaired episode. The Temporal Tornado by novembersmith. No more slash than the actual show.

Also, the fandom seems to be podfic-enriched, a starting point: The Contract by bendingwind on AO3.

And, via [livejournal.com profile] troyswann, a rec for the lovely [livejournal.com profile] loneraven's work in vids and words. Some slash apparent on first glance, and very awesome looking. A constructed reality vid! Of course there are constructed reality vids in WtNV.

Night Vale Broadcast by jonaht: Gen, General Audiences. There is a strange wind blowing in Night Vale. I think jonaht really nailed the voice of the podcasts, so I encouraged her to put it up on AO3. rec via copperbadge.

Welcome to Night Vale recs at [community profile] fancake.

Um, so obviously I'll be adding to this list.
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I'm not really feeling the 30 in 30 meme today (or, as [livejournal.com profile] troyswann calls it, the Me me me Meme), so I'm going rogue. That's right! I'm making up my own talking points. IT'S CRAZY.

Three snippets of dialog, with context:


Last evening, despite fatigue and growing concern that I may be Coming Down with Something, I walked downtown and met my friend L for a local artists thing. They close the street block and take over a multi-floor loft space, have food trucks, vendors, music bands playing, live art, traditional art, goofy art, "art" being made on iPhones while you stand in line, your state representatives letting 3-5 people through the door at a time... it's a nice surreal break from the everyday, is my point.

So I'm there with L, and my friend L is Very Tall. I'd guess 6'4" (~1.9 meters). He's also lived in this city a little longer than I have, so when I saw him get greeted by another (tall) man in the mezzanine of the exhibit, it wasn't that surprising. What was interesting was that they seemed to greet each other and fly right by without having a conversation. Then I noticed the other guy's partner rolling her eyes at their antics and I realized: those two men had never met before. I gave L an eyebrow (learned it from Chris Judge) and he explained:

"It's important to congratulate each other on being tall."

L is very succinct when he chooses to be.


In other news, passing by an exhibit that seemed to be three people cosplaying as zombies with rope around their clothes (are zombies prone to being lassoed? Must ponder) while being live broadcast on several vintage television monitors nearby (steampunk/cowboy zombies?), a few kids were a little concerned about their safety. One of the zombies was solicited by the parent figure and I heard her reassure them:

"No, they won't jump at you, but they might fix you with a really blank stare."

This was an accurate representation, I found!


As L was walking me home (very gentlemanly! I do enjoy living near downtown, but it seems silly to walk home in the dark alone, and L is totally supportive of my instinct on this,) he was explaining that he watched a new short anime series called... Ligi or something? I'm not sure. Anyway, he was saying that one of the characters plays a bass guitar, like I occasionally do, and that she has the additional ability to pull a lawn-mower type starter pull, rev her guitar and hit people with it, and they just explode. Which, I should add, I cannot do. But I'm open!

I said, "so, starting a hidden lawnmower engine causes people to explode?"

L said, "that's not really clear. But it does seem as though there is an obligate connection between the guitar and the target before they explode."

Me: "Ah, that does help minimize collateral damage"

L: "Seems like you'd have to retune your guitar a lot, though."

Did I mention that L is a very straight-laced math professor? He's hilarious.
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Sherlock BBC minor characters rec: Molly. Awesome awesome Molly. Black. Two sugars. by solrosan on AO3. Sherlock should have known. Worksafe. Gen.

Another, completely different characterization of Molly, from the archives: back of the envelope in a way, but it makes her the lead. May be the smartest, awesomest, most intruiguing not-sexual attraction to the lead female character I've read in a long time. The Anatomist by [personal profile] rosa_acicularis. Work safe, gen, but not in any way a safe story. I would love if this were canon.
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What's inside your fridge? )

Your pet peeves )

Also, as a side note, what's the origin of the word "peeve"? Anyone know?
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I'm playing fast and loose with the 30 in 30 thing.

10. What's your best physical feature?

I have great curves )

9. What are your worst habits?

confidence vs. overconfidence )
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It's 5 o'clock in the morning, and I woke up about half an hour ago, unable to sleep any longer. So my sweetie is upstairs resting peacefully, and I'm sitting at the kitchen table surrounded by the white noise of kitchen equipment running contentedly.

Sight: dark windows, half-light from the pot lights in the kitchen, a knock-off stained glass table lamp (not really leaded glass--I see what you did there, knock-off lamp people) casting lots of warm orange and yellow light on my hands.

Touch: the wood of Ikea chairs under my butt and legs, the old wide oak of my great-grandmother's table under my arms and laptop. Cool laptop metal at my wrists, slightly cooler on the edge of my palm where there isn't sleeve to mitigate.

Smell: Coffee and dawn dishwashing soap. I quietly cleaned some dishes while I was waiting for the kettle. It works well if you run enough water to soap up your sponge or brush, then turn it off and clean everything before rinsing all at once, so there's only the swish of sponge over spatulas or knives. On my second cup of joe now--I'm likely to vibrate quite a lot today.

Taste: coffee and stale breath. What? I'm waiting for a slightly more reasonable hour before I hop in the bathroom and start all my ablutions. I did eat a kiwi earlier, so perhaps that is the lingering acidity in my mouth--coffee's just emphasizing it, really.

Sound: I mentioned the ambient kitchen equipment earlier, so I'll do some make-up work from yesterday and give you a music playlist. My caveat on this is that I really haven't been seeking out new music lately, so this is what's been on recent rotation and not necessarily recent discoveries.

music )
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