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I've moved back! Mostly. I am mostly moved in. Cat has settled in well and is making friends throughout the neighborhood (true statement regarding humans, not as accurate if relating to four-legged "friends") but, importantly, when he gets scared he runs back to the house, and not off to who-knows-where. I think he likes it, though the backyard was rapidly too boring for him.

I am officially on junior faculty leave! Or, between jobs for the next two months. This is just starting to sink in, because there are lists of things to unpack and projects to do at the house. We haven't really cooked anything here, yet, besides coffee in the morning, and that needs to change, and the backyard of dirt must (must!) become a magnificent, drought-tolerant garden. Actually, we have already planned an early project to be collecting grey water for the garden, which makes me really happy.

Last time I had free time, I became an avid fic reader and recommender, and even wrote some stories! To do so now would require becoming fannish about something other than Sherlock BBC, which will likely require actually catching up on some media (recommendations, anyone? What are you fannish about?) But, I'm also considering taking classes or brushing up on music and I have a list of things to write for real life stuff. And I need to spend a significant amount of time in the ocean, obviously.

It feels really good to be here again.
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