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1. I have a cat on my lap who periodically is so overcome with love he burrows into the cowl-neck on my sweater* and licks my neck.

2. There is stupid drama in my department (isn't there always?) but I'm wasting no emotional energy on it because I am out of here come Spring.

3. I've decided the summer of no office is going to be my junior faculty leave. On the list: two papers and a major grant. And moving. And reaquainting myself with the ocean. A lot.

4. I've told the whole department face-to-face. They are all supportive, which I count as a major PR coup. Some of the assholes are taking credit for my success and pronounced that my new job (which is an endowed chair) is a reflection of how much they've mentored me. ASSHOLES. I smiled and nodded.

5. I have wine. And I am releasing my burden.**

6. I have acquired my very favorite box wine (what? I'm low-brow about wine.)

7. In May, I am moving back to the ocean and going to live with my spouse full time. For now? I have a cat cuddled on my lap. and I am happy.

*Cat is confused by the cowl-neck. Initially he tried burrowing under it and gave me quite a look when that didn't yield results.

**I do not wish to ascend, though. You better be listening, ether!
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